Trip to Love

Gweth is a normal teenager. She's quite popular with the guys though, but she secretly crushes on her best friend Audrey's boyfriend Harry. They text night and day but can't talk in person. One day, her friends decide to go on a trip including Harry.Things change really fast. But does her life fall apart? Read to find out. No hate please.


14. Secret.

I stared at her for a while until she calmed down. "What happened, Love?" "I don't know..ok!" she screamed. "Why are you so angry?" "I need some time alone." she said as she stormed off. "I'm  sorry, Gweth." I whispered. 

Harry's POV

I was standing outside Starbucks dressed the best, I guess. Zayn helped me in my hair and shirt. I looked at my watch and realized that it was 20 minutes since she didn't arrive. I went inside Starbucks and sat there waiting for her. It had been a long time now. 

I called her and she disconnected it. I called her again and she put me in voicemail. So, I decided to text her.

To Gweth:

From Harry:

Hey love, Whats taking you so much time to arrive? Are you trying to look your best for the date! 

I was getting really impatient by now. I lookearound to see Louis with a girl right outside. The girl looked somewhat similiar. I got out of Starbucks and followed Louis. The girl looked just like Gweth from the back. I realized she was crying. She was trying to push Louis away from her.

Then, she turned around. To mu shock, It was Gweth. What was she doing here?  Escpecially with Lou?

I tried hearing their conversation and I heard something about Kissing. What had she done? I tried hearing more carefully and I heard Gweth screaming,"Louis Tomlinson! Get it over with. I don't love you! The kiss was a mistake!" Louis looked like he was shot by a bullet. 

His eyes were red and puffy and so was Gweth's. He pulled her closer. Their bodies crashing into each other. She looked at him sadly and he kissed her nose. 

What was going on here? What was she hiding from me?


I'm so sorry for updating so late!

I promise that the next chapter will be REALLY long!


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