Trip to Love

Gweth is a normal teenager. She's quite popular with the guys though, but she secretly crushes on her best friend Audrey's boyfriend Harry. They text night and day but can't talk in person. One day, her friends decide to go on a trip including Harry.Things change really fast. But does her life fall apart? Read to find out. No hate please.


3. Not Again.

I was breathing heavily. I wanted to run away from him. There's no way out. I need to be confident. "Hey Gweth, I missed you." he said smirking. "What do you want, anyway?" I said acting cool. "You." "Could you just go away instead of ruining my lovely trip with your disgusting face!" "Ok, Just one kiss." he said leaning closer to me. I got scared. "By the way, Its ladies bathroom." "Oh, yeah I just bribed the manager into some money. So your all mine tonight." he said leaning even more closer. "If you take one more step closer, I'll smack your face. So its better if you go away." He smiled and licked his lips. "Babe, Why are you wearing this kind of dress? Are you trying to turn me on?" "Go away." He slowly grabbed my waist and pushed to the wall. Tears rolled down my eyes. I couldn't help it. When he was near me I was weak and scared. He leaned in to kiss my lips but I turned away. He grabbed my chin and hit my head on the wall. "Owww! Stop it, Its hurting." "Why do you think I'm doing it" he said laughing. "What did I do to you?" "You broke up with me." "I didn't. You used me, Idiot!" "Don't you dare say that! I made you popular at school, remember that!" "Shut u--" Before I could say anything he kissed me. Tears were still rolling down my cheek. No one could here me. I was stuck in the bathroom with my ex-boyfriend who was abusing my body. He smiled. "I missed those lips." "Stop it! Go away! Don't ruin my night! If you don't leave I'll scream!" "You're already screaming" He shut my mouth with his one hand and rubbed my thigh slowly with the other. He forced me to take off my clothes. "If don't take off your clothes I'll hurt you." he said. I had to. I took off my clothes and he sucked on my neck. I was crying but my mouth was shut with his hand. I knew what he was gonna do.


He raped me. I'm crying here. He's gone and no one can here me. I hugged my knees and cried. Suddenly, I heard running footsteps at my door."Gweth!! Where were you? I was so worried. The bathroom door was shut and I didn't know where you were!" said Audrey. "I'm fine" I said still hugging my knees. "No, you're not." She hugged me and I burst into tears. "He used me again. I don't have a life anymore." "Oh my god! I'm gonna kill Josh!" said Louis who was at the door. "Where is he?" Said Zayn. "Lets go find him, Lads." said Louis. They went but Harry stood there staring at me while Audrey comforted me. "Harry, You can make her feel better. Go talk to her." "I'm fine, Audrey." "No, listen to me, Gweth." Audrey went and Harry came in shutting the door. It was awkward. This is going to be the first time in my life I'm gonna talk to Harry ALL ALONE in the bathroom.

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