Trip to Love

Gweth is a normal teenager. She's quite popular with the guys though, but she secretly crushes on her best friend Audrey's boyfriend Harry. They text night and day but can't talk in person. One day, her friends decide to go on a trip including Harry.Things change really fast. But does her life fall apart? Read to find out. No hate please.


17. Him Again?

The voice was so familiar that for once I though it was Gweth. If she was there, I would  literally cut the mans head off. The man then stormed off the room and shut the door with a loud noise. I remembered that my mouth was free because there was no more tape on it. 

I slowly whispered,"Gweth, Is that you?" "Harry.." I heard a sick voice from the back.

Shit! Holy mother of gods! It was her. How did she land here? How did I land here? How did WE land here?

"Oh my god. Are you ok Gweth?" "No, How did we come here?" "I don't know baby, But I promise I'll get you out of here."  I said and I fiddled with the rope tied over me. "Harry, It's fine. As long as we're together, It's fine." "Can I ask you something, babe?" "Yeah." "What just happened between you and Louis?" "Seriously Harry? You think this is the right time and the right place to ask this question?" I laughed.

"Babe, Hold on a second Ok, I think I know how to get us outta here." "Yeah, fine...I'll wait"

I realized that there was a knife right on the tip of my foot. Really? How foolish could these people be? I tried pushing the knife closer to myself. Thankfully it came right in front of my hand. I grabbed it and turned my palm over(which was only free to move) and started cutting the rope.

"Love" "Yeah Harry?" "I wanna see your face." "Me too." "I wanna kiss you with all my might." "I wanna be in your arms Harry." "Listen, I've got a plan." "Go on." "I found a knife thrown near my foot." "Great!" "Yeah so I'm gonna cut myself out of this rope and then I'll set you free." "Ok." "Yeah." 

Suddenly we heard the door open. I hid the knife under a cloth. "What the fuck!" I heard a familiar voice scream. "I told you to kidnap Gweth, Not Gweth and Harry." "You're fired!" It sounded so familiar. Then loud footsteps marched in. The tension in me was erupting like fire.

I looked at his eyes. He was hiding his face by covering it with a cloth. "Hey babe, I missed you." He said looking over at Gweth, completely ignoring me. 

"Who are you?" Gweth said softly. He took off the cloth from his mouth.

Oh God! Kill me now. This cannot be happening. It can't be him.

He can't take Gweth away from me AGAIN. She's all I got. How did he escape? How?



What do you think?

Just one question:

Who do you think the guy is?


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