Trip to Love

Gweth is a normal teenager. She's quite popular with the guys though, but she secretly crushes on her best friend Audrey's boyfriend Harry. They text night and day but can't talk in person. One day, her friends decide to go on a trip including Harry.Things change really fast. But does her life fall apart? Read to find out. No hate please.


5. Camping and meeting someone new.

Gweth's POV

I felt like getting drunk. I wanted to drink so much so that I forget everything what happened to me today. "I'm gonna get drunk." I whispered to Audrey. "As you wish, sweetheart. If that's what will make you feel better. But don't drink too much." "Ok." I said. I drank 6 bottles of beer. It was making me feel dizzy. I bumped into a boy. "Hey, you alright?" "Yeah, I'm fine." "I'm Alex." "I'm Gweth." "Wanna dance with me?" "Yeah sure." We dance like crazy and I introduced him to our group. It was fun. We the stood there with the others when Harry entered.

Harry's POV

"Hey Harry." "Hey Louis..How was it?" "We couldn't find him. He ran away." "That's bad." "How was your talk with Gweth." I look at Gweth and she looks back. " didn't g-----" I was cut off by Gweth saying, "It went well. He made me feel better." I looked at her. Why did she lie? "Oh great." "Guys lets go camping in the forest." said Liam. "What?" "Well, thats an adventure isn't it?" "Fine guys lets buy some camping stuff and off we go!" I see Gweth hanging out with this guy which made me feel angry. "Guys can Alex come along? Gweth asked. "Yeah sure..isn't it lads?" said Louis. The guys nodded with a smile.Was I jealous?

*After reaching to the forest*

Gweth's POV

We sat on logs and I saw Harry staring at me the whole time which was kind of annoying. I sat with Alex. It seemed that everyone liked him. "Guys, can I make an announcement!" said Alex getting up. "Yeah, Alex..go on." "Thanks guys...Gweth, the moment we bumped into each other I was in love. It was love at first sight. Will you be my girlfriend?" he said bending down in his knees. "What? Are you serious?" I was shocked. Is he still drunk? We just met. Wait, I can make Harry jealous, can't I? I nodded smiling and Alex hugged me and kissed me on my lips. His lips were warm. We pulled apart. "Yayy! Our Gweth is happy." said Zayn. Everyone cheered except Harry.....


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