Senior Year At Greenwood Academy

When new student Edmund Johnston stumbles upon Stella Carter and her gang, he finds out that being friends with them means the world to him. Stella and her friends are in a band – The Lightning Bolts. They badly need a male vocalist. Edmund joins the band and realizes that he has fallen for Stella. What'll happen to them? Most importantly, will Stella feel the same way for her?


2. Two


“Edmund, man, Hurry up!” Chuck shouted outside the bathroom as Edmund shaved his face. When he was done, he admired himself. He looked fresh and new. He really wanted to impress Stella today at the auditions. “I’m done.” he said getting out of the bathroom. “Dude,” Daniel moved closer to him. This made him uncomfortable. “Did you shave?” he asked.

     “Er...maybe.” said Edmund looking at his new sneakers.

     “Dude, is it because of Stella?” Ryan asked.

     “Um...” he trailed off.

     “Dude, you must know that half the guys in our year have a thing for her. So imagine all the other guys lining up to audition. You better be really good to impress her.” Chuck whispered to Edmund.

      Edmund was surprised by what Chuck told him. How did he understand the reason for auditioning?

      “Er...okay?” he said a bit confused.



In another dorm room, Stella was getting ready for school. She was brushing her hair and smiling. She didn’t know why she was smiling but she did know that she was thinking about Edmund. His green eyes, his laugh, his curly hair and his dimpled smile. Just thinking of those, she felt her heart-beat accelerate.

      What was wrong with her?
      Perhaps she was in love again. Something she hadn’t been in for years now. Stella fell for a bad boy named Marcus Fields. He was a player and girls always wanted him. They’d give up anything to him.

      Especially their virginities.

      The boy knew about Stella and he decided to toy with her feelings. At first, Stella was thrilled.

      Then she realized that he probably wanted something. Something called her virginity. He wanted to take it away bad but Stella wouldn’t let him.

      Luckily, she resisted him and slapped him hard when he was trying to get too close with her.

      She then broke up with him, later on, vowing not to fall for bad boys.

      Sure she had a lot of boys after that incident but she didn’t care.

      But the way Edmund made her heart-beat was something completely different. She shook her head. Why was she getting those feelings again?

      “Stella...Are you finished getting ready?” asked Miranda, popping her head into the room. “Yeah, I’m done.” she said pulling her hair into a ponytail.

      “Great...Let’s head out.” she said grabbing her bag.

      Stella walked quietly with her best friend. She didn’t feel like talking today. She just wanted to reminisce about Edmund’s features.

      She got lost into those green eyes, the curly hair and the dimpled smile. She wished badly to run her fingers through his hair. She wished to be the girl that the dimpled smile only belonged to.

      Little did she know that he wanted her too...



“Hey Stella.” Ryan greeted his friend, who had a dreamy smile on her face. When she didn’t respond, he snapped his fingers in front of her. “What?” she asked feeling annoyed. “Nothing...It’s just...never mind.” he said shaking his head. What was wrong with her? Ryan never saw her like this before. Well, not exactly. She was like this when she had her eyes on the bad boy.

     Who could she possibly have her eyes on now?

     “Hey Edmund.” he greeted the boy as he sat down next to Stella.

     “Hi.” she said smiling at him.

     “Hi, what’s the smile for?” he asked, his smile growing wider.

     “I just feel really happy today.” she said.

     Ryan finally realized who she had her eyes on: Edmund.

     Nick sat down next to Ryan and looked at him with a questioning look. When Ryan looked like he finally figured something out, Nick and the gang had to know about what happened.

     “Not here. Somewhere else.” said Ryan, getting up. Nick got up too.

     “Where are you two going?” asked Stella, looking at her friends suspiciously.

     “Er...we’re going to get some more pancakes.” said Ryan.

     “Okay...” said Edmund, awkwardly.

     Nick and Ryan walked over to the breakfast buffet. “Okay...spill.” said Nick.

     “Stella’s in love with Edmund.” said Ryan in one go.

     Nick’s eyes widened. “You’re serious?” he raised his eyebrows. Ryan nodded. “Look at the way she’s twirling her hair.” Ryan stated, nodding towards Edmund and Stella talking. She was twirling her hair and smiling. Edmund had a similar smile too.

     It seemed that the both of them were totally in love with each other.

     “Edmund seems to be infatuated by her too.” said Nick.

     “Yeah...they’re both in love with each other.” said Ryan.

     “Hey guys...” said Daniel as he came towards Ryan and Nick along with Miranda and Kayla. “Hi Daniel, nice to meet you! Bye!” said Ryan distractedly.

     Miranda, Kayla and Daniel looked at Ryan and Nick with suspicion.

     “What did you figure out, Ry?” asked Kayla.

     Ryan didn’t respond. Daniel sighed and nudged him hard.
     “What?” he asked, annoyed

     “Well...spill!” said Miranda.

     “Spill what?” asked Nick.

     “About what Ry figured out!” exclaimed Kayla. Everyone looked at the group weirdly – including Edmund and Stella.

     “Shush...I’m telling you.” said Ryan.

     “Spill already!” whispered Miranda angrily.

     “I figured out that Edmund and Stella are in love with each other.” said Ryan.

     “But they don’t know.” Nick added.

     Surprised by the news they got, Kayla, Miranda and Daniel stayed quiet.

     “Let’s go to our table.” said Kayla, breaking the silence.




At their table, Stella and Edmund were talking about music. Suddenly, Kayla’s exclamation interrupted them. Stella was curious about why she exclaimed “About what Ry figured out!” So when the rest of the gang came and sat down quietly, she decided to interrogate Ryan. “Hey Ryan.” said Stella. “Hey.” he said awkwardly. “So what did you figure out?” asked Stella.

     Ryan looked alarmed.

     “What do you mean ‘what did you figure out’?” he asked suspiciously.

     “Oh you know...I heard Kayla exclaim about something that you figured out.” said Stella shrugging.

     Ryan laughed nervously. “Oh that. I figured out that,” he paused for a moment and looked down at his shoes, “That my shoelaces are untied!”

     Stella looked at Ryan weirdly for a minute.

     “Oh whatever.” she muttered.

     After breakfast, they all headed out to their morning classes. Ryan and Edmund had their Algebra 101 together after Homeroom that morning so they headed out together, discussing about the band. The rest of the gang was in the library, having an independent study period.

    The headmaster had decided that the seniors should have an independent study period where they would study for the subjects they were weak at among a study group.

    All the study groups that were supposed to be formed were to submit their names to the headmaster. Naturally, the gang put their names in one group and submitted it. Also, the members of the study group were allowed to visit each other in their dorms.

    Now, Stella and the others were quietly sitting at the corner of the library, somewhere between two bookshelves. They were supposed to be studying but they were kind of bored so they decided to just talk about the band.

    “Edmund better be good. We need someone like him.” Stella muttered as her friends thought about the auditions.

    “Not to offensive or anything but why are you so bent over having Edmund in our band rather than some other guy?” asked Miranda, raising an eyebrow.

    “I don’t know...The kid needs something to be busy with some extracurricular activity. So...I think it’s good if he pursues music, like us.” replied Stella, opening her Economics notebook and flipping through the pages.

    “It doesn’t seem like that’s the only thing you want.” muttered Chuck.

    “Guys...we’re supposed to be studying. We’re just wasting two whole free periods doing nothing.” said Daniel seriously.

    “Since when did you decide to be serious?” Kayla raised her eyebrows.

    “Since my mother sent me a warning via my iPhone.” said Daniel.

    “I think it’s better if Edmund and Ryan are in the group. That way, we could help each other out.” said Miranda reasonably.

    “Plus Ryan was supposed to be helping me with that Bio thing I didn’t get.” agreed Nick.

    “So...We’ll meet up at your dorm tonight?” suggested Kayla.

    They all nodded in agreement. We have to tell Priscilla and Natalie about it, thought Stella. Priscilla Anderson and Natalie Minx were their other two friends. Though they didn’t hang out with the gang, they were dorm mates with Kayla, Miranda and Stella. They were rather studious so they didn’t hang out with the gang.

    The rest of the day passed by quickly and when the classes were over, the gang headed to the Arts and Media building for the auditions. “Ah it feels so good to be back in the auditorium.” said Chuck cranking up his bass guitar. “Not so loud, Chuck.” said Stella covering his ears.

    “Are you ready to start the auditions?” asked Ryan.

    Stella nodded in agreement. Thus, began the auditions.




Edmund was surprised at the turnout of the boys for the auditions. There were a lot of boys. “We’ll stand by you for awhile.” said Miranda supportively. “Have any questions?” asked Kayla. “Yeah...Why are there so many boys?” asked Edmund. “It’s Stella Carter. She’s just so beautiful.” said one of the boys turning to face him.

     “Okay...” said Edmund uncertainly.

     Waiting for his turn took a long time. Finally, when it was his turn, he was nervous. He’d learned his song with heart but was also kind of embarrassed to sing it. Inside the auditorium, he heard a lot of boys sing songs while directly looking at Stella – who looked really uncomfortable.

     He got on the stage and took a deep breath.

     Ryan gave him a knowing wink from the keyboard. Edmund returned a small smile in his direction.

     “What are you going to sing?” asked Stella.

     “Um...Fall by Justin Bieber.” he blushed as everyone in the audience snickered. He wouldn’t admit it but he liked to listen to Justin Bieber’s music time to time. He wasn't really a hard-core ‘Belieber’ but at least he thought Justin was good.

     “Can I have the guitar?” he asked Nick. The other boy nodded in response and handed him the instrument.

     Clearing his throat, he went to the microphone and started to play the guitar.

     “Let me tell you a story about a girl and a boy...” he started to sing, closing his eyes. When he was done, he opened his eyes and looked over to Stella.




Stella was shocked. Not by the fact that Edmund was going to sing a Justin Bieber song but because of the way he sang. She was so blown away by it. Compared to what the other boys were singing, Edmund’s was much better. “Um...Stella, what’s my verdict?” asked Edmund nervously. “Er...boys, what do you think?” asked Stella.

      “Perfect.” said Ryan.

      “A +” said Daniel, adding a drum-roll.

     “100%” said Nick grinning.

     “Totally.” said Chuck, smiling.

     “Welcome to the band, Edmund.” Stella smiled. Edmund breathed a sigh of relief and smiled back at Stella. “Thanks, Stel.” he said, locking his eyes with Stella’s.

     “You’re welcome, Ed.” said Stella as their friends exchanged looks.


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