Senior Year At Greenwood Academy

When new student Edmund Johnston stumbles upon Stella Carter and her gang, he finds out that being friends with them means the world to him. Stella and her friends are in a band – The Lightning Bolts. They badly need a male vocalist. Edmund joins the band and realizes that he has fallen for Stella. What'll happen to them? Most importantly, will Stella feel the same way for her?


1. One


“How long does it take to get ready for classes?” asked Miranda Moore as she tapped her foot impatiently. “I don’t know...15 minutes for me as I have unruly curls.” shrugged Stella Carter as she tried to brush her curly dark brown hair. “At least put your uniform on.” grumbled Miranda. “I’m already done putting my uniform on, idiot.” muttered Stella as she finally managed to pull her hair into a ponytail. “Great. You’re ready. Now can we go?” she asked. “Just a minute.” Stella said as she looked for her bag among the mess in their dormitory. When she finally got it, she smiled.

    “And we are ready to go.” she said.

    “Great. I thought you would take another million years.” said Miranda.

    They got out of their dormitory, chatting along the way to the Hall where they would have breakfast. “Honestly, I can’t believe I’m in my senior year. It feels like only yesterday that I walked into this school nervously.” said Stella as she scanned the crowd for her group of friends. Stella was 17 years old with curly dark brown hair and sparkling dark brown eyes. She wore Ray Ban glasses. She was short and was a girly girl. Miranda was the exact opposite of Stella. She was a few months younger than her but other than that, she was taller than Stella. She had blonde hair and grey eyes. She was a tom-boy and she lived for sports. She was also on the basketball team.

     The school Miranda and Stella went to was called Greenwood Academy for the Rich and Famous. It was situated in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. Their school was a boarding school and a lot of celebrities’ children went there. Stella was the daughter of Mark Carter – a recording artist – and Claire Carter – an actress and a former model. Everyone thought that Stella’s parents were pretty much awesome. One thing was sure that Stella was always spoiled by her parents because she was an only child.

     Stella liked it better if she wasn’t spoiled because she thought the idea of being a spoiled kid was stupid. Miranda’s dad was Karl Moore – a business tycoon – and her mom was Charlotte Moore – a successful chef who owned a chain of restaurants. Miranda had an older brother who was an alumnus from their school.

     “Earth to Stella.” said someone. She snapped out of her trance and saw her friend Ryan Featherson grinning at her. “Hey Ryan...haven’t seen you in a while.” said Stella as she walked over to the all-you-can-eat buffet for breakfast. She grabbed a plate and decided to have some pancakes with strawberry syrup.

     “How was your summer vacation?” asked Ryan as he filled up his platter with food.

     “It was good. Mom decided that we should jet over to Paris and get some shopping done. Too bad we have to wear uniform.” said Stella wrinkling her nose.

     “Mine was pretty awesome. I got to go to this really awesome place in the French Riviera. Oh my gosh, the girls are babes there.” said Ryan dreamily.

     “Ugh...Is that all you talk about with me? How the girls are such babes?” scoffed Stella.

      “Jealous of the girls?” teased Ryan.

     Stella hit a laughing Ryan playfully as they went onto their table. “What about you, Miranda?” asked Ryan looking at Miranda. “Me? Yeah, I had an awesome time mountain climbing in Nepal. It was fun. I’m always one for sports.” said Miranda. “Sports won’t get you dates for the Prom, Miranda.” they heard a familiar voice say. “Kayla! It’s so good to see you back.” said Stella hugging her friend Kayla Martinez. Kayla had brown hair and blue eyes. She was on the volleyball team and was a boy-crazy girl.

     Charlie ‘Chuck’ Milton and Daniel Ferguson walked over to the table with smiles on their faces. “Good to see you guys again. You look beautiful as usual, Stella.” winked Daniel.

     “Give me a break, Daniel. Not on the first day of senior year.” groaned Stella.

     “Oh, Look. Cue new lost looking student.” Chuck nodded in the direction of a curly haired boy who looked like he was in their year. “My...This is one boy I’m hitting on. Thanks, Chuck.” purred Kayla as she looked at the boy.

     “I didn’t necessarily point him out for you.” Chuck muttered only enough for Stella to hear. “Forget it, Chuck...She sees something she likes, she wants it.” Stella whispered to Chuck.

     “The boy still looks lost.” frowned Miranda.

     “Stella...Go talk to this boy.” Ryan said looking at her. “Yeah...he needs a nice welcoming committee.” Daniel agreed. “Fine.” said Stella. She got up and walked up to the boy.

      “You look a little lost.” she said abruptly.

      “I’m new here...” the boy trailed off. His green eyes were fixed on Stella’s face and he was open-mouthed.

      “Hello? Earth to random ass boy!” said Stella snapping her fingers in front of his face.

      “Sorry.” the boy mumbled. “I’m Stella.” she said. “I’m Edmund Johnston.” he said.

      “So, I’m sort of the welcoming committee around here,” she smiled. “I thought maybe you should join me and my friends for breakfast.”

      “Um, sure.” he said.

      “Follow me,” said Stella.



Edmund was having a great first day. He walked into the school cafeteria and was looking around. Then the strange girl – Stella – walked up to her. He thought that Stella was beautiful. It couldn’t be that he was already falling in love with Stella. He met her other friends – Kayla, Miranda, Ryan, Chuck, Daniel and Nick Evans. Now, he was sitting with them and talking. “So, Edmund, do you sing?” asked Nick, who was a blonde boy with blue eyes. Ryan had swept brown bangs and blue eyes. Chuck had brown hair and brown eyes while Daniel had spiked jet black hair and brown eyes. He also had an earring.

      “Er...yeah.” said Edmund as he ate his pancakes.

      “That’s great. We need a male vocalist in our band really badly.” said Stella.

      “You guys have a band?” said Edmund questioningly.

      She nodded. “I’m the female vocalist. Ryan’s on the piano, Chuck’s a bassist. Daniel’s a drummer and Nick’s a guitarist.” she said.

      “What about them?” asked Edmund, nodding towards Kayla and Miranda.

      “Oh, they’re into sports.” said Stella.

      “If you ever wanna go out for sports, you have me.” Kayla winked.

      “Um...” Edmund felt a bit uneasy around Kayla. She was constantly trying to flirt with him. He was comfortable around Stella and Miranda.

      “Look at the time! We have to go for classes. Did you get your schedule, Nick?” asked Miranda.

      He nodded. “Do you know where Homeroom 134 is? I need to find the room.” said Edmund. “Oh...yeah, I’m in Homeroom 134. I’ll take you there.” said Stella.

      He felt a rush of relief when Stella said that she knew the room. “Thanks...I really appreciate the help.” said Edmund smiling.



As they walked among the rush of the crowd of students, several of them let Stella and Edmund pass. “Why are they letting us pass? Are you a popular person?” asked Edmund. “Me? No, I’m just the lead female vocalist of the Lightning Bolts so that’s why they’re letting me pass.” said Stella. “Lightning Bolts? Is that the name of your band?” asked Edmund. Stella nodded. “We really need a male vocalist. I hope you can audition with the other people.” said Stella. “You’ll have other people auditioning?” asked Edmund.

      “Uh huh...we need to see how the other guys sing.” said Stella.

      They got inside the homeroom and sat down. “Say, what does your dad do?” asked Stella.

      “Dad’s the owner of Johnston Filming Industry and Mom’s an actress,” said Edmund.

      “Isn’t it that filming industry that made the movie, My Heartache Diaries? I loved that one.” said Stella.


      “Yeah...My mom’s Claire Carter by the way.”

      “Isn’t she that actress who’s married to Mark Carter?”

      “Uh huh...see that’s another reason why everyone respects me around here.”

      “I can see why,”

      A minute later, a tall blonde woman entered the room. Edmund thought she was very regal looking and beautiful at the same time. “Class, we have a new student. Mr. Johnston, will you please come in front of the student?” The woman said smilingly.

     Reluctantly, he walked over to the class. “I’m Miss Cox. I teach World History and Literature. I’m also in charge of this homeroom. I see you’ve met Stella.” she said.

     At the mention of Stella’s name, he blushed.

     “Er, yeah.” he mumbled.

     “Please go back to your seat, Mr. Johnston.” said Miss Cox.

     Edmund walked back to his seat and sat down quietly. After the announcements for the day was given, Stella and Edmund were out of the room and heading towards French.

     As the day progressed, Edmund was having fun with each one of them. At first, the idea of joining in a boarding school was ghastly for him. Slowly, he found that it was fun.

    After classes, everyone had been out of their school uniform and wore normal clothes. They were all sitting around in the grounds. Edmund had just gotten down from his dorm and changed into a beanie, a dark grey shirt and navy sweats.

    He walked over to his group of newfound friends. They were all sprawled out on the embankment near the lake.

    “Hey everyone.” he greeted as he sat down next to Stella who was writing something in her notebook.

    “Hey Edmund.” said Nick as he strummed a few chords on his guitar.

    “So when are the auditions?” asked Edmund.

    “Tomorrow at 3 PM in the recording studio.” said Daniel.

    “Where’s that?” Edmund asked, looking at Stella.

    “Arts building.” said Ryan.

    As Edmund studied Stella, he realized that he never met someone as beautiful as Stella before. Sure he had seen many other girls but Stella beat them. Her dark brown bangs seemed to fall over her face as she scribbled in her notebook.

    “Hey man, you’ve been staring at Stella for a long while. Are you in love with her already?” Ryan’s teasing voice brought him back to reality.

    “Uh no,” Edmund said, flushing.

    Stella looked up and raised her eyebrows. “I was just...” he trailed off.

    “Hey guys. What’s going on?” said Miranda as her and Kayla sprawled on the grass next to them.

    “Looks like Edmund’s got a crush on Stella.” said Chuck teasingly.

    “I do not!” he said indignantly.

    Soon they were all joking and teasing Edmund about him staring at Stella. She was feeling a little uncomfortable but other than that, she shrugged off the feeling. “It’s getting dark...we have to go grab dinner,” said Stella getting up.

    They got up and followed the other students inside. After dinner, Edmund realized he was in the same dorm with Chuck, Ryan, Nick and Daniel. “We have wi-fi here so you can use it.” said Ryan.

     “Uh thanks.” said Edmund.

     After chatting for a while, they all retired to their beds and Edmund finally realized that he was going to love it here. Even though he just joined at the end of the year. 

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