The Bullet Shoot

When Alisha Mayson and her three year old sister Whiteny get captured, nothing can help them escape the kidnappers.


4. Tunnel of Poor

"This is our home. Now leave us!"
The Gran said holding a gun to my temple.
"Heyyy! Gran she is homeless, like us!"
They guy said,
I gave him a short smile and returned to my point.
"We aren't here to hurt you. We got sent here with none of our will."
I said calmly, Whitney held my hand extremley tightly.

Bonjour everybody. This is a story by ilovelouis123 but I'm the co-author now. I'm Louis'Girl123 and please can you check out my movella 'Night Club' and the sequel to Night Club is now out, 'Not The Day.' Thank you so much!

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