The Bullet Shoot

When Alisha Mayson and her three year old sister Whiteny get captured, nothing can help them escape the kidnappers.


1. Prologue

Alisha's POV
Hey, my name is Alisha. I have a pretty wierd family! I have a brother called Thomas, he is 15 and he is three years older than I am. Next, we have my crazy little sister called Whiteny. She has brown curly hair and bold blue eyes. Although she is only 3, she is pretty much my best friend. My only friend at that. Then we have my mum. Who is usually at work. When she is at home, she is in her study. My dad is a rich buisness man, who owns a company that sells cars to companies and they use them as their cars. And finally there is me, Little Alisha. Known as Ali. My second name is Mayson. And I'm 14. I don't really get much attention and you could probably say I'm spoilt if you didn't know my life story.  But I'm not really spent money on, so Im not spoilt, for I'm not attened. I am not an attention seeker though. My life is fine the way it is...

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