The Bullet Shoot

When Alisha Mayson and her three year old sister Whiteny get captured, nothing can help them escape the kidnappers.


2. Final Sightings

I was just minding my own buisness watching EastEnders, when there was a knock at the door. Thomas had gone out for the night so it was just me and Whit, seeing as our parents were at work. Thomas wasn't due back for an hour, but knowing him, he was probably in some fight and had come back to be bandaged up...again. Last time it was his wrist. The only time he ever pays me attention is when he wants something, or he needs to be bandaged up. I had put Whitney to sleep upstairs about half an hour ago, so Im sure she is fine. 
"Hello? Thom?"
I said, looking into the pitch black outside night, and twirling around to find him. Suddenly, and big hand grabbed my wrist, pulling me into a whirlpool of darkness.
"Look at this beauty!"
A man said, shoving a gag into my mouth. Im sure the gag was drugged, because when they came downstairs and put me and a screaming Whiteny into a big black van, I was asleep.


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