The Bullet Shoot

When Alisha Mayson and her three year old sister Whiteny get captured, nothing can help them escape the kidnappers.


3. Big Loss

I woke up with the same drug taste in my mouth. Yuck! Whiteny was sleeping on my shoulder in a dark place. I felt around and Whit stirred, but I didn't care. Right now, I was only worried that we were in a sealed cardboard box.
"Whit? Whit please wake up!"
I whisper/shouted to her,
"Li Li? Where are we?"
She whispered back,
"Im not to sure Whiti."
I told her, tears forming in my eyes as I hugged my sister. Then I remembered the pen in my back pocket. I pulled it out and stabbed at the side of the box.
"Ali? What are you doing?"
She questioned,
"Getting us out of here."
I replied with one final stab. I made a huge rip in the box. I crawled out of the box and held Whiteny's hand. I looked around and found we were in some sort of tunnel. An abandond one, with only some carboard boxes in, and oddly enough, thirteen different chair that had obviously been battered to peices.
"Li? I'm scared,"
Whitney cried,
I was about to shush her but then everything came together.
"Hello? Whose there. I'm warning you. We have protection."
An old voice stuttered from behind me.
I turned to find three small children, about ten, A boy about my age, and a grandma.
"Hello, I'm Ali and this is Whit, my sister. We got captured and ended up here. Wondering where we are, thats all."


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