I Will Love You Forever And Always

Emily a 17 year old meets One Direction...... who will fall head over heels in love with her?? Will she date one of them?? One thing for sure is this movella is a first so make sugggestions??

X Emily X


2. The Big News!!

                                                              Emily's P.O.V


" Cia, Haley,Olivia,Tiania??" I called from the breakfast room. " COMING!!!!" they screamed from different rooms. " HURRY UP I HAVE IMPORTANT NEWS!!!" then they came and as they did I could hear their feet pounding down the stairs. "What is it??' they all asked in harmony. " I got us all......." " you got us all, what??" " ONE DIRECTION TICKETS!!!!!" " OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!" they all screamed." when is the concert Emmy??" they asked " in 3 days,no-" i was cut off by them going up to their rooms screaming and packing for a couple days cause they knew  I would want to stay a few days like usual.


                                                                  Cia's P.O.V


OMGGGG we r going t o a 1D concert I cant wait to fially meet them!!!


                                                                      Emilys P.O.V


OMG these gurlies!!!

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