I Will Love You Forever And Always

Emily a 17 year old meets One Direction...... who will fall head over heels in love with her?? Will she date one of them?? One thing for sure is this movella is a first so make sugggestions??

X Emily X


3. Getting ready for the day

                                                       Emily's P.O.V

" HURRY UP GUYS WE GOTTA GO!! OR WERE GONNA BE LATE!!" I yelled from downstairs. I cant wait to meet Liam and  the rest of the crew!! " OK IM COMING, ONE SECOND!!" they yelled from upstairs " OK WELL I WILL BE IN THE CAR!!" "Ok im here!!" they said from th back seat of my convertable as they were getting in one at a time." Ok we are all ready??" " yes" they said in harmony. "Ok then lets get to gettin!!" I said.


                                                       Liam's P.O.V


" Its time to get up in the morning the morning morning we drove to miles to get it so now youll get up and eat it!!" "GET UPPPPP!!!"  we all screamed at Harry and Zayn to get up!! We do this every morning but today was our concert!! Im SOOO excited I heard that five wonderfull girls got backstage passes!! Not saying that none of our fans are wonderfull tey all are but these ones popped out to me most!! I heard their names were Emily, Olivia, Haley, Cia and Tiania!! They all sound wonderfull but man i have to admitt I LOVE the name Emily its just so...... cool and calming!! Today was gonna be speciall!!


                                                   Zayn's P.O.V.

 " Liam why are you standing there like you are thinking like a professer trying to figure out a new invention??" I asked him cause he was standing there with a little twinkle in his eye like he was thinking about something verry speciall. Hmmmmmm...... I wonder what he was thinking about!! " Oh. nothing important just..... nevermind, get ready for the concert for today!!" Man I heard that five girls got backstage passes and we are gonna meet them! They sound awesome I heard that  their names are Emily, Olivia, Haley, Cia and Tiania!! Man i LOVE the name Olivia, its just so... Beatifull!        

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