I Will Love You Forever And Always

Emily a 17 year old meets One Direction...... who will fall head over heels in love with her?? Will she date one of them?? One thing for sure is this movella is a first so make sugggestions??

X Emily X


4. Concert Time!!

                                                             Emily's P.O.V

 " Ok girls we are finnaly here!!" I said finishing my make up and brushing my hair so I looked good and I made a phone and camera check!! CLICK!! I took a pic of the famous Madison Square Hall everyone says is so beautifull!! " OK are you coming Em!?!?!" Cia asked " Oh yea, coming!! Hey Cia look at this picture isn't it beautifull!?!?!?!?!?!" I asked " Oh gurlie thats a keeper!!" she said sassily. " hahahahaha thanks  girlie!" " I bet they will fall head over heel in love with us and we will be their girlfriends!!" she said like- if- this- doesnt- happen -i- will- make- it attitude. " HAHA you wish Cia you wish!!"


                                                          Harry's P.O.V.

 We were in make-up getting ready for the concert and I was really excited I heard that five girls were coming backstage because they got backstage passes. They all sound really cool and I wonder if I will like one of them cause I NEED a girlfriend and Tiania sounded cool!! I love the name Tiania  its so..... unique!!


                                                      Louis P.O.V.

  " Hurry up guys we are going on in 10!!" Paul said to us. " Ok im doneand by any chance does anyone know who is coming backstage??" I asked " I  DO" " I KNOW "  and " YEA I DO I KNOW'S" came from all around the room. " Ok um..... Zayn who is coming backstage??" I asked Zayn. " These girls named Emily, Olivia, Haley, Cia and Tiania!!!!" he said verry excitedly. Wow The name Haley made me get goose-bumps. " Louis why do you have goose-bumps??"


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