I Will Love You Forever And Always

Emily a 17 year old meets One Direction...... who will fall head over heels in love with her?? Will she date one of them?? One thing for sure is this movella is a first so make sugggestions??

X Emily X


1. Character Descriptions

So I LOVE One Direction they are like my everything!! My favorite is Liam!! So anyways I am 17 and I am 5'9 and I have caramel brown hair and crystal blue eyes. I can sing and I  play guitar and kazoo!! I have 4 other friends who are also in love with One Direction!! My first bff is Olivia!! She is MADLY in love with Zayn!! She is 5'6 and she is 17, she has chocolate brown eyes and blonde hair!! My second bff is Haley! She is MADLY  in love with Louis!! She is 5'8 and she has bright green eyes and black hair!! My third is Cia!! She is MADLY  in love with Niall!! She is 5'6 and she is 18 !! She has blueish green eyes and blondish brown hair!! And last my fourth bff is Tiania!! She is in love with Harry but she doesnt know much about One Direction.She is 5'7 and she is 17 she has curly blonde hair and dark blue eyes!! We were inspired by Little Mix and we made a band and we call it, Mix It Up!! We got descovred by Usher but we dont go on tours much and our songs dont get played much on the radio!!

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