Dark Magic: The Beginning

Liliana, or LeeLee, has just moved to a boarding school in London and things seem very off. She later learns that The Hills Booarding School isn't a normal school, it's a training camp to prepare kids for the REAL world. As Liliana faces unrealistic dangers she stumbles across a group of 5 boys that are planning to go on a journey and escape from The Hills. Liliana discovers many secrets about these teenage boys. Love. Friendship. and hidden Family secrets!

There Is much cursing in this movella an strongly graphic and gruesome scenes!
One Direction are not famous in this movella.


3. Goodbye

"you got your suitcases?" my dad asked .

"yeah." I replied glumly.i honestly think this is unreasonable. I don't need discipline. I've only been expelled from 11 schools in the past 3 years and 3 of which were this year, a personal low! Discipline is for kids who get into a lot of trouble, and me? I'm not a lot of trouble!

"your carry on bag? pillow?" he checked.

"yes" I said with a tone of annoyance.

"ok go say goodbye to your mom and then get in the car!" He ordered

"Ok" I ran inside and hugged my mom for a while we said goodbye and I went back out to the car.
My mom was probably the only adult that I'd miss.

---1hour later---

"Got your passport?" He asked one more time.

"YES! You asked me when we dropped off my luggage!" I said in a high pitched voice.

"I'm sorry. I just don't want to be driving to the police station to get you an prove your citizenship. It'd be annoying" He explained. Like I really cared.

"Bye dad." I said in a dull monotone voice.

"Bye." He went to give me a hug, which we never did, so it was really awkward .

After waiting around for Sarra and Jullia for about 20 minutes, they finally showed up and dragged me off to K-MoMo. They knew me so well :) and it was just barely the end of September so I bought some shorts and ripped skinnies. Sarra bought the 3 of us matching bracelets that said 'best' 'friends' and 'forever' I got the bracelet that said 'best'. Afterwards we took pictures in a photobooth. We took one picture with all of u holding up our wrists with our bracelets and another with Sarra and Ju-Ju kissing my cheeks. We went and got something to eat and just talked until I heard a perky voice say that the people on the 6pm flight to London needed Togo to the gates and board the plane.

We stood up an Sarra broke down in tears. We were all saying bye and how much we'd miss each other, then we just hugged for a while with no words. I grabbed my carry on and slurped down my Pepsi, then walked to the gates to board my plane waving one last goodbye to my friends.

When I got to my seat in first class, I saw that I'd be sitting next to some blonde boy. I reached above his head and opened the baggage compartment and put my carry on inside. I sat down and put my head phones in and scrolled through my music on my iPod. I selected Viva La Vida by Coldplay. That's when the boy tapped me in the shoulder. I looke up at him. "Do you mind?!" I snapped.

"Actually the question is do YOU mind?" He sassed back while pointing to my iPod.

"It's just Coldplay ok? Calm your tits." I put my earphones back in and cranked my music louder.

"I know! I want to listen!" He argued.

"Well too bad mofo!" I fired back at him

"You're a cunt!" He said turning away.

Oh just lovely." who do you think you are? Calling me a cunt?!" I questioned

"I think I'm Niall, nice to meet you!" He said like a smart ass.

"Well Niall I think this flight would go a lot better for both of us if we just didn't speak." I stated thinking that its better that way.

"Ok fine by me!" He yelled back.

A flight attendant walkde back to us. "Excuse me, is there a problem back here?" She asked with a fake smile.

"NO!" Niall and I lied. we looked at each other and I swear he blushed when he smiled. Haha. The flight attendant told us to keep it down and walked away.

I played my music again and after a couple seconds I said "Jinx! Owe me a soda" i looked out the corner of my eyes and saw him blushing again. ugh his blushing was actually kind of attractive.
"You're blushing." I said with amusement.

"Am not!" He protested. It was then that I realized he had annorish accent which was, also..attractive. I laughed at him and then went back to ignoring the world with my music.

A perky voice came on the speaker and said "Good evening everyone. We will be departing shortly so please fasten your seat belts and turn off all electronic devices. thank
You and enjoy you're flight."

I groaned and turned off my iPod and cell phone. I snuck it back after saying bye to my mother. Niall looked at me and smirked. "You can't ignore the world forever."

"Sure I can." I said. " I just don't do well on planes." He chuckled. "Its not funny!"

"Yes it is, never have I been an a plane where someone has a panic attack because th plane goes up into the air." He had mockery all over his tone. He handed me a stick of Stride gum. "I heard it helps calm people down during take off" he said winking and popping some gum into his mouth.

After we were up in the air, we actual talked and got along! Then after a couple hours I asked the flight attendant if they had neck pillows. When she came back with one I fell asleep and last saw Niall looking out the window at some times and playing a game on his phone.
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