Dark Magic: The Beginning

Liliana, or LeeLee, has just moved to a boarding school in London and things seem very off. She later learns that The Hills Booarding School isn't a normal school, it's a training camp to prepare kids for the REAL world. As Liliana faces unrealistic dangers she stumbles across a group of 5 boys that are planning to go on a journey and escape from The Hills. Liliana discovers many secrets about these teenage boys. Love. Friendship. and hidden Family secrets!

There Is much cursing in this movella an strongly graphic and gruesome scenes!
One Direction are not famous in this movella.


14. Besties

I snapped out of my horrible flashback when I heard a knock on the bathroom door. "Hey! Hurry up in there!"

I opened the door "sorry I was changing. You must be my roommate."

"Oh. Then im guessing THAT belongs to you." The girl said pointing to my luggage.

"Uh, yeah. That's my stuff." My roommate looked vaguely familiar. Wait a minute! "Kassie right? Zayn's girlfriend.

"Yeah, and you're Lilliana, Louis' not girlfriend." She joked.

"Yeah no. Not Louis' girlfriend." I responded.

Kassie and I talked for a while. We actually got a lot in common. Same music, (heavy metal, dub step, and very depressing sounding pop). We both despise healthy food. Have ADHD. So much more! I got to know a little more about her and Zayn. Oh another thing is that her and Zayn like smoke with each other secretly sometimes. Another thing we have in common. Well sort of. I quit smoking when I was 16, so about 7 month ago.
After talking for a few hours and going to the dining hall for dinner, and talking more, we shuts listened to music. Our 'bonding' session was put off when a teacher knocked on our door and chewed us out. Turns out there's a curfew at this school. Kassie and I were up way past it.

Today felt so normal. It was nice. Feeling like I belong. I just made like 6 friends today! I've been accepted. I told Kassie goodnight and we fell asleep listening to Flyleaf on her iPod quietly.
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