Dark Magic: The Beginning

Liliana, or LeeLee, has just moved to a boarding school in London and things seem very off. She later learns that The Hills Booarding School isn't a normal school, it's a training camp to prepare kids for the REAL world. As Liliana faces unrealistic dangers she stumbles across a group of 5 boys that are planning to go on a journey and escape from The Hills. Liliana discovers many secrets about these teenage boys. Love. Friendship. and hidden Family secrets!

There Is much cursing in this movella an strongly graphic and gruesome scenes!
One Direction are not famous in this movella.


13. Bad Memories

I walked into my dorm room and through down my book I checked out from the library. I have to do a book report for mythology about monsters and crap. My roommate didnt seem to be here. Im nervous about meeting her. What if she's a snobby bitch? Ugh. Hopefully she's a smarter person, so I can sneak peaks at her homework answers. Yep sounds good. I grab my black Aeropostale sweats and a white v neck with the number 15 on it. My ex boyfriend's football jersey number. Uh-oh! The bad memory is coming back.

**Flash back**

I was walking around Meghan's house, looking for Peter. They used to date. It bugged me. That's the only reason im at her party tonight. She still has feelings for Peter. I had him ask her to let me come to her party.
I threw away my Corona (Lite) bottle and jogged up the dark wood stairs. Knocking on every door in the hall. I opened each door. The 3rd one I opened had something inside the room. Meghan's room to be exact. The 'something' inside made my heart shatter and dig deep into my brain. "Peter?"

"Lee?!" He said in shock from Meghan's bed. Which had Meghan in it.

"Get outta here bitch he doesn't love you!" Meghan hissed.

As Peter put his pants back on, I dashed out of the room and downstairs. Tears were streaming down my face. I passed Julia. She tried to say something and when I just ignored her with my year drenched face, she followed me. I ran out of Meghan's house. Julia got in her car. I was hesitant.

"Lilliana!" He shouted my full name for the first time.

"Leave me alone Peter! Im done with you!" I shouted back. My anger swelled inside me.

"No, babe! Im sorry!" He yelled as I climbed in Julia car. People were staring at us now.

"I said im done! Now stop bullshitting me!" I slammed the door.

"Fine! Be a bitch then! Meghan's better anyways!" He threw his red cup of beer at Ju's car.

I grabbed Ju's, rolled down the window and threw beer at Peter's feet.

"What the hell?!" He screamed.

As Julia began backin out, Peter slammed himself against the hood. I told Ju to move forward a bit. "Asshole!"

Julia backed out and we sped away. Tears started streaming down again. I've never been so hurt in my fucking life. An what made it worse? Oh yeah! I gave him my virginity last night! I felt so used. So, I don't know. When Ju got to my house I told her to stay the night, i just lost my boyfriend an I wasn't goin to lose my best friend to drunk driving. She was so comforting and we took some of his stuff and threw it into the fire put in our backyard. Doing this felt like I was burning away all the pain.

**End Of Flashback**
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