Dark Magic: The Beginning

Liliana, or LeeLee, has just moved to a boarding school in London and things seem very off. She later learns that The Hills Booarding School isn't a normal school, it's a training camp to prepare kids for the REAL world. As Liliana faces unrealistic dangers she stumbles across a group of 5 boys that are planning to go on a journey and escape from The Hills. Liliana discovers many secrets about these teenage boys. Love. Friendship. and hidden Family secrets!

There Is much cursing in this movella an strongly graphic and gruesome scenes!
One Direction are not famous in this movella.


2. 3 way Calls

I've been busy packing up my suitcases and bags with all my crap. After being suspended for the ninth time at my new school my parents decides I need discipline.Their defenition of discipline is Boarding School. it's been about a week since my suspension and my dad finally recorded the brochure and acceptance letter to a boarding school in London.

He gave it to me as soon as he saw I'd be attending and it wasn't just a learning school, it was
'a military oriented disciplinary camp'. And the teachers there are 'high in knowledge and treat their students with respect and give them high responsibilities' and blah blah blah! It also said that students receive an average of 18-20 hours of home work weekly!! I could tell just by reading through the brochure that this school would be hell.

"Liliana! Take a breal and come downstairs for a minute!" my Dad called. what could that dick head want now?

I walked out of my room and sat on the couch. my dad sat down on the coffee table and stared me down. "you're still grounded from your phone, however you can use it for an hour to tell your friends about your 'trip'" he said making air quotes.

"Really?" he really doesn't understand what grounding is. He's not supposed to let me use my phone but hey whatever he says goes!

"no! you only have 30 minutes then give it back!" as I grabbed my phone out of his hands and ran to my room he shouted "and I'm timing you!!"

God my dad is such a clueless asshole! I began scrolling through message then called my two best friends Sarra and Jullia. We did a 3 way call and they both picked up the first ring.

"hey!" i said

"OMG Lee!" Sara said

"Lee-lee!" Jullia said

"Ju-Ju! Sarz!"

"You're a bitch!" Jullia said

"what why?! what did I do!!" I asked

"you got suspended again and left me and sarra by ourselves!!" Jullia answered

"And you didn't even call once!" Sara added

" I'm sorry but my dad actually grew a pair and grounded me!! he took my phone away and hes also taking me away." I said

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN?!" they both screamed

"He's not going to kill you is he?!" Sarra asked. she always jumps to conclusion.

"No!" I said laughing a bit. "he's I'm taking my away to like some delinquent boarding school in London called 'The Hills Boarding School'" I explained to them.

"What he can't do that!!" Jullia said.

"I know Ju-Ju but if he doesn't and I get expelled I wouldn't be sent to another school again, I'd be home school!"

"EW!! No!!" sarra said:

"I know right it'd be totally boring for all of us!!" I told them.

"Liliana! you got 5 minutes!" I heard my dad yell.

" Hey girls I'm going to let you go I still have to check some messages an then I have to give my phone back. My plane to London takes of tomorrow at 6pm so could you guys maybe meet me at the airport at 4?"

"Oh Lee-lee!! I don't want you to go!" Jullia sobbed

"yeah sure boo. I want to say good bye in person!" Sarra cried

"me too Lee-lee" Jullia agreed.

"ok see you tomorrow then" I said glumly

"Bye Lee-lee!" Jullia replied

"Bye boo" sarra said

"Bye guys" I said then hung up.

I took my phone down to my dad and continued packing, thinking of what to do at the airport for an hour and a half.
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