We met at Grandmas

While I'm at grandma Betty's I meet a boy named Harry Styles. I fall in love instantly. Read it to find out what all happens. <3


7. That call

" Do you wanna go out to eat?" I asked. "Sure where do you wanna go?" Asked Harry. "NANDOS!!" I exclaimed. " You are just like my friend Niall." He said. " who's that?" I asked. He showed me a picture of Niall. He's pretty nice looking. "So..." Harry said," we gonna get going?" "Yes, Let's get going!"I said happily. * in the car* " Hey Shania?" Asked Harry. " Yes?"I replied. " there's something I didn't tell you." I gave him a confused face. " You see I'm in a band called One Direction." He said. " Oh I know." I said. I think I confused him, because he tilted his head. I heard of you guys and I'm a big fan!!" I jumped up and down in my seat. " Then why didn't u scream when I met you." Harry asked. " Because I'm not like that." I said. " Good, well we are here love." He said. "Yay!!!" I yelled. We went in. Got mobbed by fans. "Ugh!"said Harry. "Are you always like this?" I tried to ask in a silly British accent. He just laughed and kissed me on the cheek. When we sat down Niall came in and sat down next to me. Harry was on the other side of the table then Liam came in then Louis and Zayn. "Hi I'm Liam" Liam said. " hi I'm Shania" I said. " Hi Shania. " they all yelled really loud. I blushed and started to laugh. "You know..." Harry said, " Shania is a really good singer." " HARRY!!!" I blushed again. " Go ahead sing for us." Said Niall. " not here" I said. " fine we can go to my house." Said Louis. " yeah" they all said together. So when we got there they all chanted sing sing sing sing!! So I sang Niall's part in Summer Love. "Wow you sing that better then me." He yelped. Thanks. " Harry how'd you know I sang?" I asked. "I heard you in the shower." He said. " And why were you standing outside the bathroom door while I was taking a shower?" I asked. " ooooohhhh" said the other 4 boys. Harry just blushed. Then suddenly my phone rang. I read the name. I answered. Put it up to my ear. "Hello Shania." It was Justin. I put it on speaker. I told the boys to be quite and listen. I mean they were like my best friends. " I miss you!" He said. "You said you found another girl, " I yelled. "Besides I have another boyfriend. Harry blushed and looked down. "Who I will kill him." I'm not gonna tell you." Fine but I'm gonna..." And the call disconnected. " Guys I'm scared." ( comment what you think should happen I'm having writers block.)
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