We met at Grandmas

While I'm at grandma Betty's I meet a boy named Harry Styles. I fall in love instantly. Read it to find out what all happens. <3


3. In the House

"HARRY!!!!!", yelled Grandma. " Yes Betty?" said Harry. " I need you to bring Shania`s bags to her room,then show her around." said Grandma. As Harry and I walked away, I looked back at Grandma and she winked. I guess Harry seen it to because he looked at me and said, "Are Grandmas suppose to wink?" Then he smiled. He has the cutest dimple in his smile. I just was a kiss him.

Harry's P.O.V.
When she laughs I feel so happy, like I can't even explain it I wanna kiss her so very bad. I wonder if she likes me. " So, this is the barn, would you like to go in?" I said. "Sure." Shania said excitedly. "Not much in here just...", I said "MY HORSE!!!, Shania yelled," can I ride him?" So, I let her ride old BlueJeans. When she got off her face looked so happy. " Thank you Harry, I love you! I mean I loved it , I loved it..." She said while looking down. Did she just say she loved me? She did, but I don't think she meant it. " It's okay I slip up on my word all the time.
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