We met at Grandmas

While I'm at grandma Betty's I meet a boy named Harry Styles. I fall in love instantly. Read it to find out what all happens. <3


5. Bedtime

After dinner we watched SpongeBob. "Oh Harry, why do you like SpongeBob?", I said. " because its funny babe." Laughed Harry. It's nice to hear babe again. "Shania!" Called grandma. "Coming! I will be right back Harry." I said. Grandma told me Harry stays here and I took his room, so I have to share the room with him. "Yes!!" I whispered to myself. " I already told Harry." Said Grandma Betty. "Okay!!" I said as I skipped off to bed. Harry followed me. " Oh um... Harry I don't feel comfortable wearing a night gown to bed while your in here." I said. " would u like to wear my sweat pants they are to small for me anyway?" He said " Thanks! " I replied. I slipped on the pants and put on a t- shirt. Turned around to see Harry, shirtless. "Harry do u sleep shirtless ? " I asked. " Yes is that okay?" He asked. " yes " I said. And lied on the bed before I fell asleep he asked me if I would be his Girlfriend. I said yes and kissed him. "GoodNight Harry" I said. "GoodNight Shania, I'm gonna sleep on the air mattress down here. " he said. " okay " I said and fell asleep.
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