We met at Grandmas

While I'm at grandma Betty's I meet a boy named Harry Styles. I fall in love instantly. Read it to find out what all happens. <3


4. Back at the house

While we are walking home Harry suddenly grabs my hand. I stop and stare in his eyes. He lets go. " I'm sorry" he says. I reply by cupping my hands on his face and kissing him, he kisses me back, and in that moment I felt something like I never felt before, something like fireworks. After our kiss we headed back to the house. We walked in still holding hands my dad didn't say anything, he just smiled. Harry and I went up to my room and we unpacked my clothes. "Ready for Dinner?" Harry asked. " As ready as ever." I said. When we went down stairs we had ham and Mac n cheese. "Mmmm, I love Mac N' Cheese!!!", said Harry excitingly. "Me too.", I said.
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