We met at Grandmas

While I'm at grandma Betty's I meet a boy named Harry Styles. I fall in love instantly. Read it to find out what all happens. <3


2. At Grandmas

When we arrived at the front of grandma Betty's house I stared at the boy in the front painting the house. He had half the front of the house done. He had brown curly locks that looked so soft, I wanted to feel his hair so badly. Apparently my Father new him. "Hello Harry!", yelled Dad
"Hello Mr. Smith!", Harry yelled back with a cute British accent. I went to Dad and asked,"Hey dad who's that?" "That is Harry Styles."said Dad. So, his name is Harry Styles. What a strange name for a boy with curly hair. "Harry Styles huh." I said. "Yes, didn't I just say that.
While we were standing there Grandma came out and pinched my fathers cheeks. "Why hello there John." "Hello Mom." said dad. It's actually my moms mother but he calls her mom anyway. Grandma went to mom, while I kept staring at the curly haired boy named Harry Styles. Grandma runs over to me and says,"Shania, you have grown so big and beautiful. Remind me to tell you something later." She winked.
Harry's P.O.V
That girl is so pretty. I think I heard Betty say her name was Shania. What a pretty name! She has brown natural wavy brown hair with a hint of blonde highlights, a little lighter then my friend Zayn Malik's highlight. I wonder what Betty needs to tell her.
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