Angels, the pretty, the pure, you need not know more. Demons and devils, the dark of the soul. When Lara becomes infatuated with a demon, you can see that's a sin in its self. But Lara isn't human, she's an angel. Stake that sin.


4. Chapter 3


(A/N: HEY! YOUR READING! YAY! I havent got anymore written for this story, so if you do like, bug me and I'll write more! ^_^ Enjoy this installment of Forbidden! BeyondLawliet))

I expected to awake in Shane’s arms again, but instead I woke alone. I felt absently at the space beside me. He wasn’t there; there was no clue to his former presence in the bed I lay in other than the ruffled creases on the bed quilt. I pouted slightly. I had dreamed of this moment for so long, and its perfection had just been shattered. But I guess, it was needs be. We weren’t even meant to be friendly to each other, never mind the passionate feelings that ignited between us. I groaned and rolled out of the bed. Ran a hand through my hair. It wasn’t messy, or ‘bedhead’ as other teenage girls would claim theirs to be every morning. No, it was perfect, set like it was the day before and was every morning. I sighed; mornings in heaven were much too fussy. I’d rather be a mortal that can live like this every day. I looked back over where Shane had supposedly slept, and found a single black feather resting on his pillow. I reached for it eagerly and stroked the silky tip. As my fingers trailed along the stem of it I soon found a little note, wrapped at the base, a lot like the dove yesterday. I tore it from the feather and tucked the feather behind my ear along with a bunch of my hair. I unfolded the small paper. It reminded me of Cam and the message on the dove, but my excitement couldn’t be held in, if it meant something to do with Shane, then I was there.

Get changed and come down to the garage,

 I have a surprise my beauty,



I nearly giggle like a school girl. The complement was even more beautiful when written in his elegant script. I looked around and found a pile of mortal clothing that awaited me at the foot of the bed. I grumbled. If only I could wear my angelic dressing, that would be more attractive. But if I must wear such ‘camouflage’ so to speak, to be with Shane, then I’ll have to live with such attire. I grabbed the bundle, and inspected the load. A thin cute t-shirt, black jeans and a tight fitting leather jacket. Really? Why would I need that? I pulled on the clothing, and sunk into the (again) tight fitting jeans. Once the jacket had been tugged on other my arms, and fastened to my breasts, I could only just breathe. I straightened up and took a deep breath, took a glance in the mirror at my reflection, never satisfied with the girl, the supposed Angel, that stared back at me. I laid the beautifully dark feather on the bed where I found it. If Shane had purposely caused himself pain to rip the feather from his wings, then I would not want to lose such an item. I ran down the stairs, taking two at a time, letting my hand skim over the railing. Until only three steps remained, I jumped down and racked open the door, letting it slam behind me. The busy bustle of the London city hit me and all the people barged past without a care in the world. They were so lucky.


I ran into the garage, a dark and cold room to store transport. I crept in, aware of the spider web to my left and scared the many legged creature could jump out at any moment. I looked around, and felt along the rough wall till I hit to light switch. But instead, I hit some sort of button that opened the main garage door, wide and large. Light flooded in from the back street and there was Shane, hidden in the shadows as his name suggests. He sat upon a bike, motorbike and watched me with mischief written in his eyes. He too had a tight leather jacket on over a black top. The jacket sides flared open and I could imagine the definition of his muscles on his stomach. “You know you can’t fly here.” He swung his legs over the side and came to me in a matter of steps. He wrapped an arm around my waist and pulled me to him. Our bodies met in the middle. “But this-” he gestured to the bike again “-is the closest to flying, you can get.” He sent me a sly smirk. I felt a playful tone take to my face; I sauntered over to the bike, trying my hardest to be seductive and sexy. Like I’d watched the beautiful mortal women do so many times. I stroked the side of the bike, sleek and streamlined in shape. I swung my leg over the side and clambered on as smooth as possible. I sat up, mimicking turning the handles, igniting the throttle. In my imagination. I felt like I was in my own world, until Shane joined this secluded place. He came beside me and leaned on the front part of the bike. “Want a ride?” He winked at me and I felt my jaw drop slightly at his beauty. “I thought you’d never ask.”  I shuffled back and allowed him to sit in front of me. I found a comfortable place for my legs and wrapped my arms around him, holding on tight. I buried my face in his back and listened to the raw of the engine as he spiked it into life. The rumble that shot through the bike, into my bones. I tightened my grip and he chuckled as he launched from standstill, into what felt like flight.


Shane wasn’t lying when he said riding the bike felt like flying. The closest thrill that could reach the thrill from being so high in the air. I was shocked by the sheer power of the mobile as we shot through the streets, jumping lanes and passing cars. My long, dark hair flew out behind us like a wave in the air. I couldn’t control my enjoyment and I shouted out, laughing all the way. Shane peered over his shoulder at me, his radiant smile matching mine. He leaned the bike closer and closer to the ground as we sped through tangling streets and sharp corners, we were almost parallel with the speeding road, I screamed with excitement as the thrill and fear of falling mixed as one. Shane came to a screeching stop as the tyres protested against the friction of the road. I looked up at the bleeping red crossing that halted the fun. I ran a hand through my wild hair and giggled at the knots. What a change from my insane perfection. He, the Demon I couldn’t help but love in secret, looked over at me again. I leaned closer to him, stared at his face as I yearned to kiss him. I settled for a cheek and kissed him lightly on his pale face. I felt the smile that spread on his face as I kissed him. “You just don’t know how much you kill me every day.” I felt my face harden. Neither do you... The words floated around my head, eager to get out into the open, but I just buried them deeper as the red changed to green.


A policeman, or so Shane says, yelled at us as we passed, I just looked at him. Confused. “What?” Shane shook his head. Then tapped his dark hair, indicating something to his head. “No helmets.” Oh. I think I understand, somehow. In a matter of minutes, we were off of the busy streets, and open road awaited us. We turned off on a side road, a dirt track that had many bumps in it. Shane decided to jump every one. It was such an amazing height gained on each leap, but we weren’t scared of heights now were we? I felt like I could touch the sky, though I know that I could get many a greater height on these measly jumps. But I was with Shane. Shane Shadows, a Demon, one of the few I could stand to be around, that I had admired for what seemed like an eternity. The leap in my immortal soul when I caught even a whisper of his presence, in the clouds, or on Earth. I had secretly wanted a life, like this facade we were playing for as long as we dared, with Shane. Those many secret days in meadows down here on Earth, were moments I craved, and I knew he did too. It was in such moments that he had revealed to me that my deepest desires were a reality. That he felt something too. And that, I could live on for another century or so. The road we followed, narrow and underused, taken over by the powers of nature, became more and more familiar. The twists we leered into began silken and smooth, simple and easy, a relaxing change from the speed we had just experienced. Trees blocked out the dim sunlight overhead, and as we slowed, I recognized the entry to the most favoured of our meadows.  


No sooner had Shane drawn the bike to a stop, was I on my feet. I scuffed my shoes against the hardened mud under my feet. I pulled my arms in front of me and hugged myself tightly. Shane came up beside me, his chilling breath hit my neck and sent me into a pleasured shiver. I felt the smile on his face as his lips kissed the base of my neck. I turned to face him and his blue eyes darkened to a colour almost as dark as his hair. I twisted a lock of it, making me come closer to him. It was tantalizingly painful to hold myself back. Shane’s darkened eyes lightened again, and the blue I recognized returned. “Shane?” I caught his face in my hand. I stared into him and he stared back. He pulled my hand from his face and interlocked his fingers with mine. “Instincts dear Lara. Instincts.” Ah yes, his Demon instincts. These happened from time to time, mainly when he was on duty. But it seems they seem to be increasing, and that’s scary. He could kill me, or worse. He wasn’t himself, and who knows what trouble he could cause. Curiosity killed the cat, and this cat is curious. I’m no stranger to danger. I don’t tremble at the first sight of trouble like usual Angels, no. I become intrigued. He smiled, though the worry remained. He pulled me in by the bond of our hands, through the tangled entry we always rebuilt, into the serenity and secrecy of the meadow.


And once again I fell for the divine beauty of this simple meadow. The bright yellow flowers that edged the grass that lay before us. No one cared for this place, no one knew of this place, and yet, the grass remained only an inch or so tall. The soft green blanket prickled me slightly as I sat beside Shane. The smirk on his face as I brushed away the prickly annoyances. His blearing white smile was only intensified by the sunlight that approached midday, made him just that much more beautiful. 


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