Angels, the pretty, the pure, you need not know more. Demons and devils, the dark of the soul. When Lara becomes infatuated with a demon, you can see that's a sin in its self. But Lara isn't human, she's an angel. Stake that sin.


3. Chapter 2



Awaking in Shane’s arms is something I’ve been dying to do since the moment I met him, centuries ago. Mortals believe in love at first sight, so why can’t we? Because it’s forbidden...That much is true. It may be forbidden, but it’s something I go to sleep dreaming about, and wake up wishing for. People on earth pray for us or God to help them, make their dreams come true. I pray too. That’s not forbidden is it? To pray? To wish. Shane’s worried pools of blue were watching me like a hawk. I lay in his arms, as my eyes opened to his face. As much as a Demon as they claim him to be, (and what he can be by instincts) he had such an angelic face. Full of love, and care. Was that love and care directed at me? His smile nearly blinded me when I woke up. His perfect sets of white teeth were what awaited me. I came to sit up, still in his arms; I never wanted that to end. His arm was loosely wrapped around my waist in the courtyard I had fallen into. A small ditch marked where I fell. I groaned as the pain set in. “Shh, please my beauty.” Shane’s old tongue was the sexiest thing I’d heard for a long time, and when the words were spoken to me, a complement, I nearly collapsed back into his strong arms. I allowed my eyelids to drop slightly as his face came into a clearer focus. I couldn’t take them off of him. Still, I continued to sit up. I wanted to kiss him. To clutch his face in my pale hands, warm his frozen face. Entangle my sinful hands in his dark mass of hair and let our similarities blend together. But because it’s forbidden, I am forbidden to do anything I wanted. Anything I wanted, love anyone I wanted. Now I wanted to cry, to cry into the coldness of his chest, allow him to comfort me for centuries, till it was time for us to be together. I looked into his eyes, trying to broadcast my feelings out to him. Did he feel anything? I tried to hide my wings away, but Shane just held them still, covering us with his own majestic feathers along with mine. “No Lara. We’re in fancy dress.” He winked playfully at me. People had gathered around the cluster of feathered strangers that lay on their street. I dipped my head and ran out of sight, back into the flat with Shane. His cold hand brushed mine, and without thinking I linked our fingers together. Once hidden by the enormous task of the many stairs before us, we pulled in our wings. I felt down his back with my free hand, to the bony structure of his hidden wings, under the skin. And noticed the slits made in his dark hoodie. His hand did the same, and sent thrilling shivers up my spine, as his hand trailed down it. I moaned and he pulled away, stepped back and unlinked our fingers. “No. No, no, no! What am I doing? Oh Lara.” He ran his hands through his hair. It made me bite my lip, as I tried and failed greatly to contain the need I had for him. It had been brewing for what seemed like millennia, I ran into his arms. He didn’t stumble back at the increase in weight, just held me there in his arms. And then, in the secrecy of the stairwell, our lips touched for the first time.


I couldn’t hold back, I felt my whole soul flow into movement with Shane’s. Our kiss deepened and his hands found comfort around my waist. Then the bliss of perfection I had witnessed broke. Shattered like the vase in Cam’s room, Shane pushed me away. His breath taken from him, I felt the heaviness of it too. “Oh Lara, what have we done?” He cupped my face in his cold hand, wanting to do it all again. I whispered into his ear as I leaned closer and closer, testing my boundaries. “I don’t know, but it’s wonderful.” He smiled and kissed my cheek. I felt an electric shock hit my warmed skin. “Oh Shane.” I groaned as his kisses travelled down my neck. “Lara Evans.” His words muffled against my skin. Then it all stopped again. Shane stepped back and spread his wings once more. He again returned to me, we couldn’t help it. We felt inseparable. He clutched my waist to his as he pulled me into the air. I made myself stop, even though I didn’t want to, as we re-entered the bedlam that was Shane’s mortal room. The temporary threshold he owned whilst down here on earth. No doubt he’d have to return to the sky. He wasn’t one of the exiled. Yet.


If we continued down this sinful path, then I would not only exile myself, but exile Shane Shadows along with me. My mother would not take kindly to this sort of ‘demonic’ act, as her supposedly ‘perfect’ daughter had taken. She would punish us for sure, maybe Shane more than me. She was evil. And she said I had signs of a Demon’s nature? Has she gawked at her own reflection in a while? I shook my head as if to try and literally shake these problems and restraints from me. Cam ran to me as I opened the door. I would have fallen to his weight if it hadn’t been for Shane. Shane, oh Shane. Wasn’t he wonderful? Wait, Shane is right, I have to stop. I pushed Cam back a little, but he just took me in his arms again. “Sister, what has become of me? I truly am the Demon mother exiled me for. What Angel could cast his own sister to the floor?” He was crying. He always did this. He always got into a Demon instinct kind of state when he thought someone was lying to him. Madness added through his curse. Then he would feel the most sorry for his actions. He stroked my warm face with his cold hands. It chilled me, but I stood resilient to it, he needed me. “Forgive me?” he said the same thing to me every time. And every time I would forgive him with ease. It’s not his fault. Its mothers. “Of course I forgive you Cam. Why wouldn’t I? I’ll always forgive you.” He rubbed his tears, only the few had leaked, but still there.

“You forgive to often sister.”

“You are too kind.” Shane piped up from behind me. He was so close I wished he’d wrap his electric hands around my waist and kiss me again. I had to stop thinking like this. It was inevitable that I felt this way, after being so selfish and indulging in his touch, but our fate would be also inevitable if we so choose to ride down this path. “You...” I turned around to face Shane again, because how could I resist?

“Yes?” His innocence was impeccable; I could never match his show.

“You said that... This morning.” He gave me a confused look.

“You mean, in Middle Age Britain, back hundreds of years or so?” He winked at me. S he was taunting me now? Unfair. “Yeah, and you missed something, didn’t you?” I winked at him and turned back to Cam. He looked worried, and hurt. “You are still lying to me Lara. Please stop, because I can’t stop myself.” I felt guilty for lying to Cam, and then I had said I wasn’t when in reality, I was. It was reckless and stupid of me. I should have never done that. “Cam, I... I-” I was stuttering, unable to continue. So of all people, Shane stepped in. “We are sorry.” His wings were unfurled in seconds and their black feathery shine was soon cocooning me and him. He was protecting me. Only my upper half could be seen from the protective barrier Shane had made. Cam’s face twitched, I feared the Demon in him had returned. “So my deepest of fears is the truth?” Shane nodded and I joined in with him. I stepped back further into his protective seal. Into his chest, I felt his now safely hidden arms wrap around my waist from the back. His breath was on my neck, chilling me to the bone. “I’m so sorry Lara, but I cannot stop myself, cannot hold back any more.” He tightened his grip around me and I turned in his arms to face him. I traced the curvature of his torso, but never allowed my eyes to leave his. “So I can’t even have my sister now? Are you blind Shadows? When my mother hears of this she will exile you both, curse you like she has I, do you want that for my sister? For Lara?” Shane grimaced at his words. I stroked his cheek and he leaned to me touch, using one of his hands to hold mine. “I’m sorry Cam, but... I can’t leave, I can’t stop, she’s all I am now.”


Cam’s fists clenched at his sides. I just wanted to cry. To know that Shane felt the same about me too was the most amazing feeling in the entire universe. “You are stupid Lara. Stupid and irresponsible. And as for you Shadows.” Cam looked like he was going to burst again. Shane’s hold on me grew tighter. “You will condemn my sister to death?” Shane thought about it for a while.

“She wouldn’t do that. She would never kill her. She can’t, it’s against angelic law for an Angel to kill another of its kind. Really Cam, you need to do a little more research before you try to threaten me.”

“It’s not a threat Shane. It’s a warning. Let her go.” I gripped Shane’s arms.

“No Shane.” I whispered to him.

“Yes Shane. Let go or else I’ll make you.” I turned to Cam, and came out of the protection of Shane and his wings. “Lara!” Shane reached for me, but I didn’t allow him it. The fact that I couldn’t have Shane made me want him more. If it meant standing up against an army for him, I would. My mother doesn’t scare me. Hurts me, yes, but scare me? No. And neither does Cam. Cam couldn’t hurt me, well, he can, physically, but he regrets it afterwards. Cam took my right hand in his and covered it with his other. “Please Lara, sister, please. Don’t you see? You will become like me, like many of us, cursed and exiled. Do you want that? Do you want to live like that for eternity?” I touched Cam’s face. He was so worried, no longer angry, just worried.

“Dear brother, if you are scared of an eternity here-” gesturing to the modern and always aging world of the mortals. “-then you are not the Cam I know. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of this beautiful world?” Cam’s face hardened.

“Living here? In the harsh world of the mortals, where we cower in the shadows? You see them mortal men; they are the vilest of creatures. Lowly and mindless.” Cam turned away from me. It was true, many a mortal man or woman was dim and lowly as Cam said. But I had watched many of them, and many have a kind heart and a kind mind. “Not all are like that brother, I’ve watched, you know. Some are beautiful.” I smiled but he didn’t even look back at me. The rips in his jacket made him seem more dangerous than first thought. I rubbed his back, comforting him. “Everything will be fine Cam. I promise.”

“But can you promise Lara? Because your promises are becoming hard to keep.” He shrugged my hand from his shoulder and stepped up to the balcony. He balanced himself on the rail like some gargoyle on the wall, and then rocketed into the air. I looked out about to protest against his revealing act, when I saw the darkened navy blue sky. A Demon like Cam, with wings that blended into the dark, could fly into the dark night skies. That had passed rather quickly. Had it really been a whole day? I turned back to Shane. His face drained of any colour at all. He was the palest he’d ever been. I was the monster.


I walked towards the Demon I had been so foolish to show love for. He looked up when I reached him. I sucked in a sharp breath as I began to piece together my apology in my head. “Shane Shadows, Demon.” My face scrunched up as my eyes threatened tears. I sniffled. “I’m-” I was about to say sorry when he interrupted my speech of regret and pain and sorrys. “Don’t be sorry for something you didn’t do. It was my fault.” I shook my head.

“No Shane. I am to blame. It’s my entire fault. I should have never let my feelings surface, now we’re both in danger.” A tear slipped out of my prickling eyes.

“Lara Evans, Angel.” He smiled and then continued. “Don’t cry my beauty; your smile is much more befitting of your angelic beauty.” I felt my face scrunch up into an ugly face. “I have no angelic beauty; my own mother believes I am no Angel, but a Demon in myself.” I looked away; the awkward subject was not my only falter.

“Shh my Angel! I’m pretty sure; you are no Demon my beauty.” He took my hand in his and kissed it again. His age showing through. “Maybe my dark one, maybe.” I closed my eyes and moved closer to him. He took me into his embrace, his still sprawled wings encasing me in to a silent cocoon of safety and privacy. No one could see us here. Here, in his wings and his beautiful body, I could love him even more. Without the secrecy, without the agonizing pain of hiding away from loving him, from showing him the truth. I unfurled my own shimmering bundles of feathery beauty that listed me as an Angel. Our feathers linking together like our fingers were now, the stark contrast of our wings flurrying against each other. I let my pale fingers, warm and comforting, stretch around him, to feel the beauty of his dark night wings. Their feathers swaying slightly in the gentle night breeze that entered through the open balcony, rustled against my fingertips. He let his head drop back, the pleasure from my heated touch against him, was something I could relate to. I slowly let my fingers trace down to the very last feather, and feel the tip of it, letting the silky feather twist in my touch. He came back smiling and when my hand came back to his chest, he did the same, starting right into the beginning of my wings, till the tips of my wings felt his cooling touch. I let my head rest against his chest, and my skilful fingers trace his body again. He held my head to his chest, as I listened to the immortal beat of his heart.


Shane lifted my cooled body with ease, taking me in his arms, and pulling me over to his bed. The headboard above his bed had also taken a slight bit of damage when I’d made the dent in his wall only meters above it. He wrapped me in his silken bed sheets, but I waited till he joined me, to snuggle up against his chest. My whole body able to press against his. He stroked my hair as I closed my eyes and awaited sleep beside him. He kissed my head softly and I snuggled deeper into his chest. “Sleep my beauty. Do not fear the world.” He whispered the words into my hair as he rested his head against mine. I knew then, that I could face the world. Definite I could face anything, as long as I had his love, had his touch, and had him by my side. I left the world of mortals, not for that of the eternals, but for the land I went when I dreamed. When I dreamed of my impossibilities. It was then, that I fell into slumber with the immortal soul.


(A/N: Its long, I know! BUUT its all Elise's fault!! I used to write real small chapters, then she told me people like long ones... plus, I like long ones when I'm reading you guys's stories!! Hope you like, I kinda abandonned this story on the 3rd chapter ages ago, so, plot, twist and general commenting would be nice... TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK ^_^ BeyondLawliet )

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