Angels, the pretty, the pure, you need not know more. Demons and devils, the dark of the soul. When Lara becomes infatuated with a demon, you can see that's a sin in its self. But Lara isn't human, she's an angel. Stake that sin.


2. Chapter 1


Waking up in a field in Middle Age Britain is not one of my finest moments. Still, in this time, I have the respect of a god. I prop myself up with my weak arms, and smelt the scent of fresh grass and barley in the fields on the horizon. I glanced around, and allowed my raven black hair to cascade around my face. I was still glowing; I could see the radiant blaze of heavens light shining all round my body. I loosened my shoulders once aware of my solidarity and unfurled my wings. Their white feathery mass was the most angelic of all of me, and maybe, the only thing that can really class me as an Angel. It felt good to have them spread to their full potential; their full majestic glory filled me with confidence. I closed my eyes and spread my arms back into the feathery abyss, breathing in the countries scent. I loved this era in mans history, I loved visiting it also. It was good to be with this age of people. They were the most abiding to us Angels. They were astounded to see us in their villages, to see us every now and then, healing the ill and curing those in mourning. I loved to help them people. These poor peasants that festered at the bottom of the pile as the rich held their head high and reigned over these people. I wished I could do something about that, but I couldn’t. It wasn’t my place to alter time. My bare feet lifted from the ground and my wings beat a single beat and I just floated there. A meter or so above the ground, and spun. I spun around, giggling and allowing myself to not hide. That was the one thing I hated about the modern era I had to sit watch over now. When I lowered myself from heaven to visit them, I had to be so discreet. Hide everything and pretend to be a mere mortal. I was grateful for my heaven dressing I wore now. A low hanging singular piece of the finest cloth, which allowed us females to spread our wings without ripping our clothes. I had watched so many of the exiles, the outcasts of our race try to unfurl their wings and in doing so, rip large slits in the back of their mortal clothing. I stopped spinning and pulled my hands into my chest. “You think an Angel like you would at least have some sort of decorum.” I dropped instantly and landed flat on my face. I looked up to see the familiar structure of a Demon stood before me. Demons. I hated being around them. They brought nothing but trouble, it was their job to ferry the dead, to take them from this world. At least, most of them did. I peered though my hair at his bare torso. He chuckled, making his dark hair fall over his eyes. Black hair. That was the strangest thing about me. I was an Angel with hair as dark as night. An anomaly. Not the true structure of an Angel. Blonde and brunette, not black. That was a signature Demonic piece. He held his pale hand out to me, but I refused and stood of my own accord.

“What is your place here Demon?” I knew the answer, but was in need of knowing the victim; I may comfort their family later. “Now daughter of Lexis, you know my purpose. No need to be so guarded.” He winked as his modern tongue came back into play. I knew this familiar face, but it was customary to be civil around the different of species. Our hatred runs deep. “I know your purpose Shane, but I want to know more.” I talked casually as the modern man did. He gently held my face in one of his hands. “Lara, Lara, always wanted to know more. You are too kind dear, go home, your work is done.” I hadn’t done any work yet.

“Did you miss a soul?” He turned from my view to walk on. “Shane Shadows! God damned Demon, answer my question!” He was on me in seconds, my back hit the earth and my neck was within his squeezing hand. I tried to push away his capable hand with both of mine. It was useless of course; no Angel of my sex could overpower a Demon like Shane. “Don’t speak old tongue with me, Lara Evans, daughter of Lexis Evans and sister of Cam Evans! I shall do as I please, and if it is that a soul has been missed, then I shall collect its debt, you have no purpose in my duties, understand?” I nodded against his hand. He pulled back, ashamed of himself. I sat up as he looked down shocked at his hands. “I’m so sorry Lara... My instincts took over.” I smiled. This was the Shane I knew. Loving, caring, the Demon who hated his state. He wished he was different, an Angel like me perhaps, or even a mortal, he had told me all this before. “Do not worry. Everything will be fine. I promise.” I stroked his cold, pale cheek, feelings erupting under mine. I had so much feeling towards Shane, it was unbelievable. But it wasn’t like we were in some sort of secret relationship. Now that was forbidden, under the highest honour. No Demon may ever love an Angel or vice versa. It’s something we come to live by. But still, I cared for Shane as if he was my brother. I kissed his cheek and he slapped me away. “No Lara, no. We both know our duties.” He unfurled his black feathered wings that matched the deep of my hair and took flight. Literally jumping into the air. I watched as he zipped across the sky, his raven feathered wings mesmerising me and sending my heart into a broken ache once again. “Yes.” I whispered. “Yes we do.”


I opened a vortex, and controlled my detectable feelings, placing a mask on my face, as I entered through the swirling mass, through to the upper reaches of heaven. It was beautiful here, everywhere you looked, you saw the beauty that humans had fantasized about. I walked across the clouds; in the highest reaches of our atmosphere they were strong enough to hold our city. I reluctantly came to make my rounds, appearing before my mother, the High Chancellor of the High Council. Another thing that nags me. I must be perfect, and for me, quote; ‘the least angelic Angel in the history of mankind’ being perfect, is impossible. I crept up the steps of the Great Hall and thanked my lightweight feet for not making a huge commotion. I headed into the main room and bit the inside of my cheek. I hated this part of the day, confronting my own mother. I swear she hated me. I looked around the bare, empty room. Nowhere in sight. “Lara.” I jumped my whole body stiff with fright. I turned slowly, plastering a fake smile on my face. “Mother.” She didn’t smile; she just held her hands together. She never did smile around me. Maybe it was because my father left when I was born, I don’t know. All I did know is she hated my guts. I wasn’t the perfect daughter she wanted. “You’re late Lara.” She glanced up at the large clock on the wall. The wall that held a very artistic painting of our ancestor Angels and Demons. “Where were you?” She stared me down. “Middle Age Britain.” I replied, my stutters threatening to appear at her intensity. “Did you happen to meet the Demon on patrol at the time?” She must be a mind reader. “Yes mother, I did.” I hung my head, and tucked my dark hair behind my ear. “Was he...” She trailed off. “On task?” I nodded.

“Yes mother.” I daren’t say anything else. He was on task, just got sidetracked by me. “I want your hair chang-” I didn’t let her finish.

“No!” I looked up at her again, her wings spread, and an angelic wall of billowing white hit me. “You shall do as I say child. You are the future, and shall be the perfect young woman to fit its place.” I felt my bottom lip pout at her words. She expects me to take her place when she hangs up her boots, but I have other plans. I want to be free, a free Angel. Able to wonder and heal the ill down below as I please. “You are of age Lara Evans. Soon you shall take your place amongst society.” She looked up as if for inspiration, I had seen the mortals do it many a time. I daren’t even say she reminded me of such a being. She’d have me stripped. My own mother. “Do you think, this-” she clutched my dark locks in her half cast grasp “-is a sign of the Angel? No. Its demonic child. So is your skin.” I touched my face. My pale skin was the same as Shane’s. But at least it was warm to touch. “Another demonic feature. I wouldn’t be surprised if you weren’t my daughter at all, but a Demon’s instead.” I felt my lip quiver. She had cursed and said many hateful things to me before, and I have only learnt to expect the worst. But to claim that I may be of Demon’s blood, in an angelic place like this, is the height of all insults. She pulled my face up to stare into her amber eyes. “Think about whom you are child. Now go.” I slapped away her hand, tears prickling my eyes. Her brows furrowed at my ‘disrespect’. “Go!” I turned on my heels and ran from the hall. Through crowds of perfect Angels, who stared at me as I barged past, till I reached Eve’s garden. A garden, full of life and beauty, in dedication of Adam and Eve, so spoken in the bible. I didn’t believe in religious babble, and my mother had said I was in so doing, not believing in myself. I rubbed ferociously at my pouring eyes, until I reached the fountain in the middle. Not a soul was around, so I collapsed against it, and cried my eyes out.


I picked at a piece of protruding stone, as my sobs slowly dissipated. My eyes were red raw and my hair wet from both the fountains mist and the salty tears I’d cried. Birds chirped above me in the sunlit branches of the trees. A single white feather landed on my nose. My own feather, from my own wings. I looked over my shoulder at the bundle of beauty I loved. I stroked the tips of them and sent a shiver through me. A warm, comforting sort of shiver, that made me look up at the birds ahead. There on the branch closest to me, sat the equally white feathered body of a dove. It cooed at me and I held out my hand. It hobbled onto its pale surface. I clutched its body like a bird catcher would, and noticed the paper rolled around its ankle. A messenger dove? I thought it was pigeons the humans used. Either way, I unrolled the feeble paper. Cam. My exiled brother had sent me a message. There, in elegant script, only an Angel or Demon could use, were the words;


Meet me sister,




I smiled. As evil as my brother could be, and so exiling himself, he was a great comforter. He knew when I was upset, we had a connection. One my mother thought she had severed when she had exiled him. She had exiled the only young boy for being something he wasn’t. He had posed as an Angel and was soon revealed. He was, by blood, my brother, but yet, he was a Demon. It was impossible to know why, but I had a feeling mother did. She had sent him down as one of the fallen few that became hidden Angels amongst the mortals, cursing him also. Cam Evans cannot tell a lie. I held out my palm and the dove squirmed as I summoned the vortex. I freed it and stepped through the vortex into the modern world.




I was only aware of my angelic state when I had stepped through into an alleyway. I was in a sense, half naked. I groaned and hung my head as I tiptoed around the shards of glass and smoking cigarettes in this alley. I held my clothing close to my pale body and imagined Cam. I thought of everything about him, my brother, his attitude, his looks, his charm. And then opened another vortex. I jumped through this one and hid my wings as I fell out onto a bed in some worn down flat. The hum of voices in a room to the left of this one. I hoped that this was Cam’s apartment. I crept off of the now ruffled bed sheets and knocked into a side table. I cursed and reached for the vase that fell. It smashed into thousands of pieces as Cam walked in.


“I can fix that.” I looked down at the many pieces. “Or maybe not.” I ran up to Cam and flung my arms around him. He caught me and lifted me from the ground. “Cam.” I whispered and he clung on tighter. “I really am sorry about that vase.” He chuckled and shook his head. “Forget about the vase sister.” I smiled and pulled back. He inspected me. “What was wrong? I felt you’re upset.” I raised my eyebrows and he nodded. “Mother.” He spat as he said the word and clenched his fists.

“She’s not that bad.” I tried to reason, but we both know that since my father left, she had never been the same ‘mother’ we knew was dwelling inside of her. “Really?” He smiled and tried to hold in his anger. “So what she say to you this time?” I sighed and stared down at my pale hands. “She said I might as well be a Demon.” It was a touchy subject. Not only because Demons and Angels found it hard to co-exist together, but also because Cam was a Demon himself. His eyes fell to my hands. He kissed the back of my closest hand and rubbed my cheek. “Is it because of this?” I nodded and he twirled a lock of my hair. “And this?” I nodded again.

“And because she hates my guts. She expects me to be a perfect Angel. I’m not surprised she said it. I’m not exactly angelic am I Cam?” He began to protest. “Oh c’mon! Let’s face it! I’m not cut out for what I am. Maybe it would have been better if I was a Demon, then I could-” I clasped a hand over my mouth. I was going to say; ‘so I could be with Shane.’ But that’s wrong. That’s forbidden. “Then you could...?” Cam wouldn’t give this up. But Cam couldn’t lie. “Have you ever loved an Angel brother?” I stared him straight in the eye and he knew I was using his curse against him. “Wait, you don’t, oh please don’t say you do Lara!” I shook my head and shh’ed him.

“No! No, I just wanted to know.” He sighed. Long and deep.

“I had a crush once if that counts.” I giggled. He was so modern. So down to earth, but then, he was. “You’re so modern brother.” He smiled.

“Yeah, well you need to get used to it, you’re staying down here with me for a while.” He chucked some scraps of cloth at me. Supposedly modern wear, and ordered me to get dressed. “Cam. You know I can’t stay down here! Mom will kill me!” Hey, this modern tongue isn’t too hard. I smiled at my own voice. “Yes you can, and she can deal with me if she wants to ask. I need you.” He turned around as I changed out of my heavenly cloth. “By the way, you’re getting good at this modern lark.” I rolled my eyes. I should be convincing enough. If I could act a straight face around mother, then I can act mortal around them.


It felt horribly strange to be in mortal clothing and I was slightly anxious of who had worn these tatty old scraps before. I shivered at the thought of one of Cam’s seduced women. He did have a way with the mortals, yet I guess any Angel or Demon would. They are not of this world; they are interesting, different and dangerous. “There’s someone I’d like you to meet.” Cam took hold of my wrist as we walked past some mortal men. Drunk, by the smell of it. I couldn’t stop myself from staring. I’d watched over so many mortal men before, but being this close to them, interacting with them, was a whole new level. “See something you like darling?” A rather drunk and dirty older man was speaking to me. His speech slurred by the poisons he was drinking. He fell into a group of other men and they laughed along with him as he straightened himself up. “No. You’re ugly.” It was the truth. I was going to learn, the truth could hurt. “Ugly? Really love? That’s a little mean don’t yah think?” He grinned and his black fillings were the most of his teeth. I stopped in my tracks and came loose of Cam’s iron grip. “Lara.” I didn’t hear his pleas; I was astounded by this mortal’s lack of respect. “It’s the truth sir. That vile odour must stop you from many an activity.” My old time tongue returned and I prayed it wasn’t too detectable. He laughed. “Oh my, what have we here? ‘Activities’ you say? Lemme show you some activities baby!” He clutched my waist and pulled me to him. I pushed against his sweaty chest as the stagnant odour of sweat and alcohol hit me. I wanted to be sick. “Hey!” Cam came to my rescue, just before the brute had me for good. He used his demonic strength to render the man defenceless, and begging at his knees. “No more stopping.” I nodded and he reposed my arm, dragging me along, leaving the man and his filthy crew behind.

We came out of the darkened alleyways and onto the bustling streets of London. Or that’s what Cam said this city was called. There were mortals everywhere, busying themselves with shopping and eating, walking and running to and fro. I watched as the life moved around me. I longed to be part of this, to become part of the real world. To be oblivious of what was above my head. I wondered what angelic city sat on the clouds above this London. Cam caught me looking up into the sky; apparently I was smiling like a child in a sweet store. Whatever one of those was. “I’ll take you sometime; they claim it’s like a little piece of heaven.”

“I’ll be the judge of that.” I smiled and winked at him as he pulled me along the sidewalks. Tall red vehicles travelled along the traffic filled roads. Many mortals sat in them; Cam said they were called busses. Red busses. We soon came to a cleaner, rather neater set of flats. We climbed to the highest one. I was pretty sure an immortal was the occupant, who else would like a high room, if not to jump from it and get an easy take off into the sky? I wanted to spread my wings, to fly out above the mortals. But that was risky and leaves me vulnerable. Not to mention the rips in this ‘hoodie’. It was comfy, and wearable, I didn’t fancy ripping wing holes in it yet. The first thing we saw of the occupant was his back. He too was wearing a hoodie, dark navy blue in colour, and had the hood up over his head. I saw all that before I saw the clue breaker. The oval shaped slits in the fabric. Angel...Or Demon?

 It became obvious who it was when he turned to face his visitors. He smiled and took Cam in for a man hug. His hoodie flared open, revealing the definite lines of his well made body, pale and white like ice, and gave an air of cold. His black jeans matched the radiant black of his messy hair and it was then that I gasped and stepped back for the door. It was Shane.


His mouth also dropped when he saw me. “Lara.” I wanted to moan at the pleasure I felt from him saying my name. “Shane.” I wondered if he felt the same.

“Wait, you two know each other?!” Cam disturbed my hyperventilating state and I managed to control myself. Shane’s eyes were focused on me. The hypnotic blue pools that I sunk into made me move towards him. I wondered again if it was the same for him, if he got lost in my emerald eyes. I basically walked right on top of him, but he didn’t move. Didn’t lose eye contact. My right hand reached up to grab the bare flesh of his upper arm. The electric chill of his skin shocked me, but I didn’t refrain from touching him. If not here, in the privacy of his flat, would I ever be able to show him the deep underlying feelings I’d had for him all this time. I dug deep into my aching heart, to find the courage to reiterate what it really was I felt for him. Did I truly love him? Or was it not as great as that? It has been a century’s long time since I had had a moment like this with him. Silent, yet passionate. Yes, we had met only this morning, but he had been his demonic self, he hadn’t been the true Shane I loved to sneak time away to be with. That Shane was here now. Cam split us away from each other. “Woah, woah woah! No way.” Cam turned to me. “So you lied to me? You said you didn’t love a Demon!” I slapped him, across the face. Hard enough to hurt my fair hand, and to mark his pale cheek red. But soon both were red. Red with fury. I managed to choke out a sorry between my tears and racking sobs that came to haunt me. “I didn’t lie! I didn’t! Do you think I’d do that to you? After having to watch our own mother curse you like that? And then see him cast aside like dirt? No! I promised I wouldn’t lie to you Cam! I promised! I’m holding to it!” Cam slammed me to the ground, I thought my back had broken at first, but the ability to sob my life away was a sure sign I had it intact. “Cam! Please Cam! No!” I screamed at him as he flung my weak and limp body across the room. I hit the wall, wait, no I didn’t. I hit the arms of Shane. He had caught me. I don’t even think a Demon like Shane could take on Cam’s fury. “Leave her Cam, she’s only an Angel. She’s weak, she can’t fight you.” Shane clutched me to his chest, and the sparks of electric hit my whole body. He held me tight and close, I loved every second of it. “No. She lied, you are lying to me!” He unfurled his dark wings and cricked his neck before storming towards me. Shane threw me towards the bed, but I hit the wall instead. “Ah!” I felt the plaster break at my weight. The wall was trashed when I looked back again. “Oh man, ah?” I looked up as Cam reached me, his arms encasing me and as Shane (recovering from the floor) lunged for me. Cam threw me out of the open balcony. I hadn’t even realized it was open. Now I was falling. It went so fast. All I saw was Cam over the balcony screaming at me. “Open your wings! Lara! Now! Please open your wings!” I couldn’t, every mortal would see me. “Lara!” I saw Shane appear at the balcony as I was only meters from the ground. He jumped over the railing and fell after me. My wings burst out as I hit the ground. Feathers and stone shattered everywhere. All I heard was the wind filtering through the wall of my wings and the swoosh, as Shane landed beside me. He landed on his feet, as nimble as a cat, wings out wide. I wish I had done the same. My eyelids faltered, and as the inevitable darkness embraced me, I whispered something I really shouldn’t have. “Shane... I love you.”

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