Angels, the pretty, the pure, you need not know more. Demons and devils, the dark of the soul. When Lara becomes infatuated with a demon, you can see that's a sin in its self. But Lara isn't human, she's an angel. Stake that sin.


1. Forbidden.


Most people don’t believe in Angels. Or even in Demons. It depends on what you are, who you are. You religious folk, think you know it all. But you are still so naive. Some of you try your best to convince yourselves, and deny yourselves the truth of our existence. I have watched for centuries, only a few, but still, enough to see how scared you really are. You’re so scared of what is above your heads that you deny all knowledge of us. When in reality, you are the most correct.


Angel and Demon story! Yay! Hope you like, ENJOY!! BeyondLawliet <3

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