a boy was just walking his dog...


2. The trolls


After the Joker had shown him to his room, John had been left with more questions than answers. But before he had had the chance to ask any more  the Joker was gone. Two weeks had gone by and he had been taught to do spells, fight and most importantly ride a horse.

 It was only a few weeks until the battle. Each day John was trembling but the joker taught him to control his fear.

He came down the wooden stairs and sat at the table and peered through his tiny eyes. It was strange because the joker wasn't there. John just waited and waited and eventually the joker came back, but it wasn't good because he was bleeding from the chest. 

John didn't know what to do and as he tried to help the joker he dropped like a stone, it was a while but the joker woke up John asked what happened, the Joker said:

“It was a massive troll,” the Joker said “I was walking and then this hand came out of the mist grabbed me by the waist, it was lucky I had a sword and chopped the arm off and ran away

John was fascinated so every night he read a book (called The Monsters Book) and it told him about every monster there is.

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