a boy was just walking his dog...


1. The first one


John was having lunch with his mum and dad. He was just about to go upstairs, but his mum called him and asked to walk the dog in the park. John shouted back and said he would be down in a minute so he got all of his things and walked out of the door with the dog.

He was walking past his best friend’s house, and when he finally arrived he strolled over, the wet muddy grass, walked onto a bridge, and watched the ducks swimming, but in a split second he was falling.

John was bouncing off wall to wall and before he could yell he hit the ground with a thud. He managed to peek through his half swelled eye, and then he saw he was in a forest with a man dressed in a healthy looking jacket with a golden sword, but he was not going to kill him he was just helping John up off the cold, hard ground and he grabbed john by the face and looked in his eye and he said:

 “I am the joker.” The joker pulled him through the forest, chopping all the branches that got in his way.

Eventually, they walked to a stuffy cottage, and when they got inside, they sat at a roughly carved sturdy looking, bare table.

“You are the chosen one…” the Joker then said in a gasping whisper, tap tapping on the table, needing a cup of drink.

John, not taking in any information, was sitting staring into space. As if in his own little world.

“But… but… Where am I?” He stuttered. The Joker gave no reply, and turned away.


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