That One Night Sequel

A sequel to That One Night.
The return of someone makes things for Harry and Sarah's relationship not what they seem...
Hope you like it!


9. Chapter 8


I just stared at her speechless.

"Ahhh Sarah, it is lovely to meet you again," she grins at me.

"Yeah," I reply quietly.

"I do love your skirt, the colour really suits you," she says to me. Why was she being nice to me? She hates me. Just as I was about to reply the door bursts open and Harry pops his head round the door. I watch Lara straighten her hair and clothes and I roll my eyes.

"Zayn we need you man, we're getting crushed at this game of pool," he laughs as him and Zayn rush back out of the door.

When we're alone my eyes turn to Lara, who's studying me carefully.

"So how is Harry?" She suddenly asks.

"He's great," I reply abruptly.

"That's good," she says, getting a drink out of the fridge. "I'm so excited to be going to America with them for a whole three months," she continues. I grit my teeth.

"Will you be joining us?" She asks slyly.

"No," I say through clenched teeth. Anna could feel my anger and touched my arm.

"Oh that's a shame! But don't worry, I'll keep an extra special eye out for Harry when I'm there," she laughs and winks at me. I couldn't describe how much I wanted to punch her right then. I also noticed Anna's shoulders tense.  

"Hi I'm Anna," she says, outstretching her hand.

"I don't really care," Lara replies, shaking her hand away.

"Well I was just going to tell you how much I liked your outfit," Anna says sweetly. What was she doing. I watched Lara's face light up as she spun around showing off all sides of her expensive Nina Ricci dress. Then Anna started laughing and moved her hand up to Lara's neck. I thought she was going to hit her.

"Too bad you left the tag on it all this time," she says, pulling on the huge price tag. I start to laugh as Lara's face turns bright red with embarrassment. She huffs and stomps her stilettos before making a swift exit out of the kitchen.

I held my sides as I doubled over from laughing.

"I thought you were going to punch her," I say, tears streaming down my face.

"I would've done, the bitch. But then I think everyone would've hated me. She definitely deserves it though, I see why you despise her," she laughs. I grab our drinks and we take a swig.

"Come on! Lets go have some fun!" We cheer.

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