That One Night Sequel

A sequel to That One Night.
The return of someone makes things for Harry and Sarah's relationship not what they seem...
Hope you like it!


7. Chapter 6


 Part 6. 
The party they were having was massive and loads of people were invited. Harry also told me I could bring a plus one, but when I asked Layla, she was distraught at the fact she had a family party. I was thinking of who else to invite when Anna walked through the door.

"Hey hoe, how're you?" She asks. I laughed at our bitchy banter.

"I'm fine whore," we laugh. Then I got an idea. "Hey Anna, what're you doing tonight?" I asked her.

"Probably nothing, talking to my dog," she replied.

"How would you like to come to my boyfriends party with me, there will be loads of hot boys there," I say nudging her.

"Oh well if you put it like that then why the hell not!" She exclaims.

"Great! I'll be at yours for six and then we can get a taxi there," I tell her excitedly. I wonder how she was going to react to celebrities.


I got out of the taxi at Anna's house. It was a gorgeous detached house, with flowers everywhere. It was an old Victorian house too covered in black and white paint. I knocked on the door and waited for her to open it.

"Bye mum!" She shouts walking out. I look her up and down. I'd told her to dress casual but nice because it wasn't a really posh party and she had.

She was wearing a lace black bustier top and burgundy disco pants. She also teamed it with black converse and she'd thrown her curly hair into a messy updo.

"You look amazing!" I said, hitting her arm.

"Not as good as you!" She retaliates. I look down at myself. I was wearing a blue skater skirt with a white tie top. I finished my look off with my blue vans and tying my hair into a low side ponytail.  

We grabbed a taxi and took the short fifteen minute ride to Harry and Louis apartment.

"You ready?" I ask before opening the door. There were going to be people like Ed Sheeran and others here tonight. I still got nervous about meeting celebrities but I've realised now that they are just normal people too.

I opened the door and let me and Anna inside. I was immediately enveloped into a bear hug.

"Sarah! I've missed you!" Louis shouts down my ear, pouting slightly. I ruffle his hair.

"I've missed you too Lou! Where's my man? I want to introduce him to someone! This is Anna, my friend," I shout over the loud music.

"Your man! YOUR man! Follow me! And nice to meet you Anna! I'm Louis, the crazy one!" He shouts back. He grabs my hand and I take Anna's, dragging her along. It's pretty dark in here and the music is so loud you can't hear anything. I'm surprised they haven't got a complaint yet. I spot curly hair standing in the corner of the room talking to someone.

I steer Anna and Lou in that direction and put my hands around his waist. He turns around slowly.

"You took your time," he grins at me. I kiss him softly and hear someone cough behind us. Anna and Lou are stood there awkwardly.

"Sorry! Harry this is Anna! My new friend," I wink at him. He shakes her hand nicely.

"Hi Anna! I don't know why you made friends with this one! She's too much to handle," he shouts putting his arm around me. Luckily she laughs as I shrug him off and punch him in the chest.

"Oh shut up! I'm going to introduce Anna to the boys, be back later," I tell him. I reach up to kiss him on the lips but instead I quickly kiss his cheek. I run off with Anna laughing before he can get me back.

"Your boyfriend seems really nice," Anna tells me.

"He is, now I'm going to introduce you to his band mates," I smile. Her eyes widen. We wander around until we walk into the kitchen and find Niall, making a sandwich.

"Hey Niall!" I say, thanking god the music isn't so loud in here.

"Sarah hey!" He replies hugging me.

"Niall this is Anna, Anna, Niall," I say.

"Nice to meet you Anna," Niall says in his Irish drawl.

"Do either of you want any food?" He asks.

"We'll come back for some later but I'm trying to find the rest of the boys," I tell him.

"I saw Liam near the pool table with Danielle before," he states.

"Thanks!" I shout to him, walking back out of the kitchen.

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