That One Night Sequel

A sequel to That One Night.
The return of someone makes things for Harry and Sarah's relationship not what they seem...
Hope you like it!


59. Chapter 58

We find our seats to the left of the stage, giving us a good view of the set. They'd decided this was going to be the same set and songs as the new tour. This was kind of like a practise to make sure everyone liked it. 
We sat down just in time for the beginning of Up All Night. I watched the boys but I also watched the audience too, how all the girls were singing along and laughing. I looked at my girls and saw they were doing the same. Why the hell not, I thought. I started belting my heart out with the girls which made them laugh. 
Occasionally Harry would jump onto the platform and smile and wave at me. I smiled back as he ran round the stage with the boys. 
About 3 quarters of the way through Harry did an announcement.

"So this song is one of the songs on our album but with a little twist. I'd like to dedicate this song to someone special. And you all know who that is," Harry chuckles. His cheeks blush slightly under the lights and mine turn warm. Niall started strumming the guitar lightly, playing a sweet melody. 
Liam voice starts softly and I recognise the lyrics immediately. The song was normally so fast but they'd slowed it down, making it softer. 
Tears form in my eyes as Harry starts to sing the prechorus.

"Yeah, now I'm back at your door
You're looking at me unsure
I should've seen it before
You're all I think about, baby."
The song was so beautiful and I couldn't believe I'd never really listened to the lyrics properly. Harry sung them with so much passion I though he was going to pass out or something.

"I was so stupid for letting you go
But I-I-I know you're still the one
You might have moved on
But girl, you should know
That I-I-I know you're still the one
I know it's saying too much
But I will never give up
I was so stupid for letting you go
But I-I-I know you're still the one
I-I-I know you're still the one."

A single tear fell from my eye and I quickly wiped it away before anyway caught me. My mind was just numb. 
I was tired of arguing. Tired of over thinking things through. Tired of not having Harry to hold. 
And that's when I realised that he was worth it. He was worth the hate I get because I can't live without him. I can't live without his laugh. His warmth. His eyes. Him. I had to have him back. 
The song ended and the whole arena exploded into applause and screams. 
Harry smiles and then makes his way over to our side of the stage.

"Also Sarah if that didn't sway your vote, there's another thing I'd like to show you," he says pointing to the big screens. 

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