That One Night Sequel

A sequel to That One Night.
The return of someone makes things for Harry and Sarah's relationship not what they seem...
Hope you like it!


52. Chapter 51

I applied the finishing touches to my makeup and pouffed my hair up. 
With help from Lara I'd recently dyed my whole head a red colour and I absolutely loved it. It really brought out the green in my eyes and I felt like new person. For tonight I'd curled it so it flowed down my back. I checked the back of my new dress, double checking that I'd taken the tag out. It was strapless dress with a denim top half and a flowing white bottom. Anna pointed it out and I knew I just had to have it.

I'd paired my outfit with a cute pair of black heels with little bows on the front and painted my nails red. I added a long necklace with a dainty camera on the bottom, an ear cuff and a black arrow bracelet. To finish off the look I'd done my eyes dark with long eyelashes and applied dark red lipstick to my lips. 
I had to admit I was happy with how I looked. It was the happiest I'd been since the break up. It was only 4 in the afternoon and the party only started at six but I heard the doorbell ring. 
I trottered down the stairs and opened it.

"Wooooo partaaaay!" Anna shouts right down my ear.

"Guys it only starts at six," I laugh letting all three of them in. Anna, Layla and Lara. We'd all gotten really close with each other and together we were unstoppable. 

Lara was the girly girl out of the group. Tonight she was wearing a pink bodycon dress with black detail that hugged her figure perfectly. And a pair of tall pink stilettos. I noticed she was wearing the black and silver ring that Zayn had bought her ages ago. She also wore a plain pair of pink studs in her ears. Her blonde hair had been specially curled down one side of her face and her makeup was simple with bright pink lipstick. She looked gorgeous. 

Anna is the fierce one in the group. She'd gone all dark by wearing a black strapless dress with cut out sides and black and red shoes. She'd teamed it with a red beaded necklace and a spiky bracelet. Her lightly waved red hair fell down her back and her makeup was dark but attractive. 
As for Layla, she was the ultimate hottie of the group. Her bobbed blonde hair was pin straight and she had simple makeup on with bright red lips. She was wearing a turquoise peplum top that brought out the blue in her eyes, paired with a pair of black stilettos. She also wore a pair of black rose studs in her ears and a necklace full of them around her neck. 
All together we gave pop stars a run for their money.

"We thought we'd come and help you set up you know," Layla smiles, already digging into the snacks I'd prepared.

"Thanks guys," I grin back, happy that they were here. Eventually my whole house would be full of more friends, and the boys, who I hadn't seen in weeks. At least Harry wouldn't show up, he'd put on twitter that morning that he was going to some celebrity party in a club. Not that I was checking his twitter...

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