That One Night Sequel

A sequel to That One Night.
The return of someone makes things for Harry and Sarah's relationship not what they seem...
Hope you like it!


48. Chapter 47

Within a few minutes there was a car outside Anna's house. I ran outside and jumped into the front seat.

"Is she okay?" Layla asked me.

"I don't know," I said swallowing down the tears. I had to stay strong. 
Within five minutes we were outside my house. I turned to Layla. "Thank you," tears filled my eyes.

"Anytime, you know that," she said giving me a quick hug. She grabbed her phone straight away and rang 911. 
I jumped out the car and ran up to my front door. I banged on it but it was locked from the inside. So I ran round the other side of the house to the side door. Luckily it was unlocked. 
I heard banging immediately from Abi's room. I jumped up the stairs two at a time and barged her door open. Dan had mum against the wall, holding her throat and Abi was cowering away in the corner.

"So she's finally arrived," Dan smirks.

"Get away from my mum," I told him, going behind Abi's door. A few weeks ago I'd hidden a baseball bat behind it, just as a last resort for Abi, hoping she would never need to use it. But I didn't want her to see me use it.

"Abi go out on the street, Layla is there." She nodded and quickly slipped out the door before Dan could get her. He still had hold of my mum.

"You know, the sad thing is, you were never here for your family when you had a boyfriend. And now that you're over, here you are," he murmurs.

"I was always here for my family," I retaliate.

"Is that why you left?" He sneered.

"I left because of you," I told him.

"Good, it was much better without you anyways," he said. 
I looked at my mum and put my five fingers by my side. Dan was too drunk to notice. I started counting down.

4, 3, 2.

"So how is your cheating boyfriend doing? Shagging someone else?" He laughed. 
My mum quickly pulled away from Dan's grasp and ran out the door. He looked stunned and then turned to me before I forcefully jabbed him in the stomach with the bat. He doubled over in pain and groaned loudly.

"Don't ever talk about him like that!" I shouted before running out. 
I locked both the doors from the outside and stood on the drive, baseball bat in hand. He wasn't going anywhere until the police arrived. 

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