That One Night Sequel

A sequel to That One Night.
The return of someone makes things for Harry and Sarah's relationship not what they seem...
Hope you like it!


47. Chapter 46

I threw my bags down on my sofa bed and lay down. I was exhausted. I didn't sleep the whole flight, wondering if I'd done the right thing or whether I should've stayed and talked to him. 
My phone buzzed and I sighed. It was probably Harry again. 
I checked my text but it was Abi.

"Heard you were back in the UK? Xxx"

"Aren't you supposed to be in bed?" I replied. I looked at the clock and it was way back eleven.

"Can't sleep. Mum and Dan are arguing loudly downstairs :(" she replies. My heart goes out to her. But there was nothing I could do from here. 
I rang her and she picked up quickly.

"Just talk to me instead," I told her, "how's school?"
"It's alright. I'm still doing pretty well..." She trails off. I hear the shouting in the background getting louder. "One sec," she whispers before I hear her stuffing the phone under her pillow. 
I hear her door slam open and Dan's drunken voice mumbling.

"Wake up Abi!" He shouts. I hear a rustling noise and then Abi yelp.

"Mum!" She starts crying. 
I hear my mum barge into the room.

"Put her down!" She screams.

"Or what? You'll kick me out? Too late for that sunshine!" Dan roars. I hear the noise of flesh hitting flesh.

"Noo!" I yell down the phone. I quickly hold my breath.

"What was that?" Dan asks from the other end. Suddenly everything becomes louder as Dan lifts the pillow off the phone. "Oh hi there Sarah. Abi's pretty naughty talking to you don't you think? She should get punished," he chuckles darkly.

"You touch her and I swear to god," I reply, gritting my teeth.

"Well you'll just have to come and find out," he says before he ends the call. I yell out in frustration. My house was at least 20 minutes away walking, 15 running. It was too far. 
I quickly dialled the number.

"Please help me, Abi's in trouble and I need your car!" 

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