That One Night Sequel

A sequel to That One Night.
The return of someone makes things for Harry and Sarah's relationship not what they seem...
Hope you like it!


46. Chapter 45


"Thanks for helping me Cat," I said as she passed me my bags.

"Are you sure you won't stay and talk this out. You guys always make up," she says to me. 
I check my fresh tickets and see that I'm gate 7.

"Not this time. I'll miss you though," I tell her, giving her a hug.

"It won't be the last time we see each other. You'll have to come and visit," she smiles. 
I hitch my bag onto my shoulder and make my way to the check-in desk. 
I'd literally just bought my ticket back home and with the help of Cat, she let me into Harry's room when he wasn't in so I could pack my bags. 
Harry had tried to contact me loads but I kept my phone off, only letting Anna know that I was coming back home. Her and her family were away on vacation so they wouldn't be home, but there was nowhere else for me to go. I got to my gate and switched my phone on, seeing if she'd messaged me back. Within seconds it started ringing. But it wasn't Harry.

"Hi Lou," I sigh.

"Cat's just told us that you're leaving. Please don't go. Not even for the benefit of Harry but for us. No-one wants you to leave," he tells me.

"I'm sorry but I can't be near him right now. He cheated on me Louis and I don't deserve this," I argue back.

"That's why no-ones talking to him. Especially Zayn. Lara's even gone home too," he says.

"Good. I'll talk to you later, my planes coming in," I say. 
Just as I'm about to hang up I hear Harry in the background. "Is that Sarah? Lou give me the phone!" He shouts. 
Before I hear what he has to say I ended the call. 
I sigh deeply and gave the ticket to the steward.

"Hope you had a good trip!" He says happily.

"Yeah right," I reply sarcastically. 

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