That One Night Sequel

A sequel to That One Night.
The return of someone makes things for Harry and Sarah's relationship not what they seem...
Hope you like it!


43. Chapter 42

I stand there with my mouth wide open, trying to ingest what is happening. Luckily the paparazzi don't turn around and see me or else they would have one great story. 
I quickly run out of the club and in the direction of our hotel. Unfortunately the hotel is a few miles away from the club and it's not particularly nice outside. I wrap my thin shrug around my shoulders, trying to keep the cold away. I also slip my heels off and walk on the cold concrete bare footed. 
How could Harry do this to me? I thought. I thought we were at that stage in our lives where we were willing to take our relationship to the next level. Maybe buy a place together. But not now. I didn't even want to think about him right now. 
And not to mention Lara. She must be a good actress to make me believe that she'd really changed and that she was in love with Zayn. But all the time she just wanted to get close to Harry again. How could I be so stupid?! I groaned out loud as I came to the entrance of the hotel. But where was I going to stay? I didn't have the room key for Harry's room and everyone else was back at the club still. I checked my purse and was relieved to find that I'd brought all my money along. I walked to the front desk and spoke to the woman behind it.

"Please may I have the cheapest room you have?" I ask her. She looks at me funny and then taps at her computer.

"There's room 125 for $25 a night," she says.

"I'll have it," I tell her, handing her my money.


Once I shut the door behind me I look at my small room. It's no bigger than my one at home and comes with a small single bed in the corner, with a desk and a chair in front of it. There's a small sink with a mirror above it to my right and a small cubicle with a toilet inside. I sigh and drop my shoes under the desk. I have no pyjamas to change into so I just strip off my dress, leaving my underwear on. I wash my face and climb into the tiny bed. My phone lights up in front of my face so I check it. It's Harry ringing me. I press decline and lay my head on the pillow, and slowly drift off to sleep. 

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