That One Night Sequel

A sequel to That One Night.
The return of someone makes things for Harry and Sarah's relationship not what they seem...
Hope you like it!


42. Chapter 41


"Thanks sweetie," I tell Zayn as I sit next to him at the bar. He passes me my favourite drink and takes a gulp of his own.

"You know me too well," I smile. 
I take a look around the party and like what I see. 
I see the boys dancing and joking around with each other. Harry and Sarah doing an interview together, looking loved up. 
Paparazzi are taking it easy, some of them even having drinks with the celebrities. And the rest of the people are just enjoying themselves. 
Then I look at Zayn. His hair is a little messy, just the way I like it and his tie is undone around his neck. He's grinning at someone on the dance floor whose making him laugh and his eyes sparkle. 
I lean over to him and whisper in his ear.

"I love you." He turns to me and smiles before kissing me deeply.

"I love you more," he replies. "I just need to go talk to someone. I'll be back in a minute," he says.

"Don't be too long!" I shout over the music. He disappears into the crowd and I relax on my chair. Everything is going so well and it was nice for life to be great at the moment. 
I waited about fifteen minutes before I went to look for Zayn. I looked all around the dance floor occasionally exchanging greetings with people. I found Harry on his own, talking to some friends.

"Hey have you seen Zayn?" I ask him loudly.

"Yeah he wanted to talk to Sarah so I think they went over there!" He smiled back. I turned in that direction and stopped just on the edge of the dance floor. Sitting in one of the booths was Zayn and Sarah. They were sitting way too close to each other and Zayn was holding her hand. He was looking into her eyes longingly and making her laugh. They stayed silent for a moment then Sarah flung her arms around his neck. 
My blood pressure started to rise and my fists clenched. How could he flirt with her when I was across the room? And how could she flirt with him whilst Harry was a couple of metres away? I was getting angrier by the second and I stormed back onto the dance floor. I pushed past people that were dancing earning myself some dirty looks. 
I stomped over to Harry, grabbed a fistful of his shirt and without thinking crashed my lips against his. I held him close to me, even though he struggled. Through my closed eyes I could see the unmistakable flashes of the paparazzi surrounding us. 
Harry eventually pushed me away and looked at me in surprise. "What the fuck!?" He shouts over the music. 
I was so confused about what I'd just done that I just ran out of the room and onto the street. I hailed a taxi and went straight back to the hotel, got straight into bed and cried myself to sleep.


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