That One Night Sequel

A sequel to That One Night.
The return of someone makes things for Harry and Sarah's relationship not what they seem...
Hope you like it!


37. Chapter 36


"So how's it been here?" I ask Lara as we walk through the shops.

"It's soooo boring. Just rehearsals and boy stuff all the time. It's nice having a girl around," she smiles nicely at me.

"And you and Zayn?" I ask. 
She stays silent but smiles to herself.

"It's great, I feel amazing," she replies. Now this is just too weird. She felt like an alien to me but I was starting to like the new Lara. She dragged me inside a shop and handed me a dozen dresses to try on. 
The first one was short and purple. It showed off my long legs but the bust was way too big for my boobs.

"Don't worry sweetie," Lara shouts from outside my cubicle. 
The next dress comes just below my knees and hugs my figure tightly. Maybe a bit too tight as I struggle to breath.

"Maybe not that one. I can see you going blue," Lara chuckles. 
I try numerous more dresses on but somehow none of them work.  

I was just about to give up when Sarah walked out in her last dress. I gasp lightly. She grinned at me and turned around. The dress was a gold colour that shined in the lights. The back was stunning, cut out, showing her bronzed back. The material hugged her body nicely, showing off all the right parts.

"It's beautiful," I tell her. She blushes humbly.

"Thank you," she says, twirling around to look at it from all angles. 
And in that moment I felt extremely jealous. But not because she had Harry. I didn't care about that now. But because she could pull off this amazing dress. 

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