That One Night Sequel

A sequel to That One Night.
The return of someone makes things for Harry and Sarah's relationship not what they seem...
Hope you like it!


35. Chapter 34


"Hey babe only two more days left!" Harry says excitedly. It's true. Only two more days until I get to be in his arms again. For a whole two weeks! It was Thursday morning and after college me and Anna were going to go shopping with some savings I've got, to buy some things for America.

"I can't wait to see you again," I tell him, blowing him a kiss. 

"And I have a surprise for you. We have an awards ceremony on Sunday and I want you to come with me. As my date," Harry grins widely.

"Wow really? I'd love to but I have nothing to wear," I pout.

"I've already sorted it. Lara said she'd love to take you shopping for a dress when you arrive!" He smiles. 

My face drops. "Really? She suggested that?" I ask him disbelievingly.

"Yes, just give her a chance. She hasn't been...herself lately. It's weird," he tells me.

"Fine," I complain wondering how bad it could be.

"Come on Sarah! Say goodbye to lover boy!" Anna shouts up the stairs.

"I gotta go to college! See you in two days!" I shout, giving the camera a big kiss. I hear Harry chuckling as I turn the call off. 


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