That One Night Sequel

A sequel to That One Night.
The return of someone makes things for Harry and Sarah's relationship not what they seem...
Hope you like it!


4. Chapter 3


 Part 3. 
The answer was all day. All day I had people coming up to me, complimenting me on my outfit or asking for a picture. But some people even asked how Harry was, with a flushed face. And then there was the people that didn't talk to me at all, who avoid me and give me the dirtiest looks. Hopefully it would die down. 

My last lesson was my first photography lesson and I was really excited. Photography had always been my hobby so I was happy to make it better. I went in and sat at a computer, my seat for the next year. Our teacher wasn't there yet so I took my phone out and checked my messages.

 I had one off Harry and one off my mum. I opened my mums and she was telling me that she was going out with my sister Abi and wouldn't be back until late. So I replied telling her I was going for a meal with Harry.

 I then checked Harry's message. It said 'So bored babe! Hope you're having an awesome day and I can't wait for tonight. Love you! x' 
I smiled to myself and text back that I loved him too.  

"Hey I like your bag," a girl plopped down next to me. I sighed, waiting for her to start fangirling.

"Thanks it was off Harry," I said looking down.

"Is Harry your boyfriend?" She asked me. I looked at her in disbelief.

"Yeah, you don't know who he is?" I ask her.

She laughed. "Should I?" She continues laughing.

"He's Harry Styles from One Direction," I state, waiting for her to catch on.

"Nope sorry love, no idea who they are," she smiles apologetically. I breathe out a sigh of relief.

"Thank God!" I breathe. I took in the appearance of the new girl. She had a gorgeous heart shaped face full with thin lips and brown eyes. Red hair framed her face and fell around her shoulders. She was wearing a Ramones t-shirt with some studded shorts and black Doc Martins. She looked really nice. I held my hand out.

"I'm Sarah." She shook it and replied,

"I'm Anna."

All lesson we continue to talk about our lives and the great thing is, she has no idea who One Direction are, so she sees me as just a normal girl, not Harry styles' girlfriend.

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