That One Night Sequel

A sequel to That One Night.
The return of someone makes things for Harry and Sarah's relationship not what they seem...
Hope you like it!


30. Chapter 29



"Morning, how are you feeling?" I hear Harry whisper as I open my eyes. He's lay beside me, my head lying on his arm.

"Ill," I reply quietly, my throat hurting.

"I'll get you some medicine but then I have to go. We have rehearsals today, will you be alright on your own?" Harry asks me. I sit up slowly.

"Yeah I'll be fine. I'll invite the girls round and we'll have a good catch up," I smile. Harry leans forward and kisses my forehead. He then leaves the room and I hear him rooting in the kitchen.

"I've left the paracetamol on the table. Text me if you need me! I love you!" Harry shouts as he walks out of the door.

"Love you too!" I mumble as loud as I can. 
I grab my phone off the side and text Danielle and Eleanor. "Want to have a girly day? Bring ice cream and films x" 
They both reply quickly saying they'll be here in five.  I drag myself out of bed and go to wash my face. I wipe off all my makeup and don't bother putting any back on. I tie my hair up on top of my head and leave my pyjamas on. The girls won't mind. I pull the quilt off Harry's bed and drag it into the living room with me. I curl up on the sofa and pull the duvet over me, keeping me warm. 
About five minutes later the girls knock on the door.

"Come in!" I croak. 
They open the door worriedly and come and sit next to me. They ask me all sorts of questions.

"I'm fine, just a cold. We got caught in the rain yesterday when we were lost," I tell them.

"What? What happened? Harry wouldn't even tell us where you were going," Eleanor says.

"Well he took me to the park where we met but it was surrounded by paps. We had to run to get away from them and then we got lost. And then it started raining. That's why he told no-one. He didn't want anyone to find us," I explain.

"We'll he must've told somebody. Are you sure there's no-one else?" Danielle asked. 
And then my mind cast back to the morning before. In the elevator with Harry.

 'Come on I won't tell anyone.'

Lara had said that. And Harry had told her. Lara was the one that phoned the paps. She wanted us to get caught and for the date to be ruined.

"Sarah are you alright?" Danielle asks me. I look down and see my hands in fists.

"He told Lara," I whispered angrily.

"Shit," she whispers.

"Listen we'll have it out with her," Eleanor reassured me.

"She'll just deny everything. She'll find a way to turn everything away from her," I reply.

"Well then, let’s just enjoy today. We'll see what happens. She's gone with them today, to rehearsals," Eleanor says. She places my favourite ice cream in front of me and hands me a spoon. She puts Mean Girls in the DVD and presses play. 
Soon though we start chatting, the forgotten film still playing.

"So how did things go the other night then?" Danielle winks at me. My cheeks immediately blush.

"It was great," I grin, "until Lara showed up."
Danielle spills her drink all down her.

"What?!" Eleanor yells.

"Yeah she walked in before it happened," I explained.

"What a bitch!" Danielle yelled.

"Well you know. I can't believe she's doing that to Zayn either. Using him to get back to Harry," I say. They both nod.

"I just don't want him to get hurt," I sigh.

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