That One Night Sequel

A sequel to That One Night.
The return of someone makes things for Harry and Sarah's relationship not what they seem...
Hope you like it!


28. Chapter 27



"Come on Sarah," Harry says. I take his hand as he walks tensely out of the park. I turn around to see the paparazzi gaining on us. There must have been about ten of them, running after us, their cameras flashing.

"Err Harry, we have a problem," I tell him. He looks worriedly behind us and picks up our pace. Soon we're running out of the park and down the road. I hear engines starting up and see cars slowly following us. Harry picks up on this and drags me down a random alley.

"How did they even know where we were?! I didn't tell anyone!" He says frustratingly. I just shrugged at him. We exited the alley and carried on walking down the adjacent road. We carried on walking until we were sure there was no-one left chasing us.

"Phew there's no-one coming," Harry says checking behind us.

"Harry where are we?" I ask looking around. This place didn't look familiar to me at all. I had no idea where we were. "Do you know how to get back?" I ask him. He shakes his head, pulling out his phone. I sigh and look up, just catching a black cloud hang over us. Then I feel the first drop of water slide down my cheek.

"Shit!" Harry exclaims, trying to find somewhere to shelter. But the streets were straight up and down, no trees or bus stops to hide under. Harry took his jacket off and put it over our heads. He then spoke to someone on the phone.

"Sarah what's the street name?" He asks me. I look around frantically.

"Johnson Street," I tell him. He carries on talking to someone then hangs up.

"We're about half an hour away from the hotel, Cat's sent someone to get us," he sighs. 
By now my hair was already drenched and all my clothes were dripping. Harry sensed my coldness and wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close. We sat on the edge of the pavement, my head resting on his shoulder, both of us watching the rain bounce off the floor. 
Eventually a car shows up, and we clamber in the back, turning the heat on full blast. Harry wraps a blanket around us and we snuggle into one seat. My eyes are just starting to droop when the car stops and we're back at the hotel. Cat is there in the lobby.

"What happened?" She asks worryingly.

"We got chased by paps," Harry explains to her. She ushers us back to Harry's room but he goes to use the shower. I knock on the door next to ours and come face to face with Liam.

"Please may I use your shower?" I ask. He looks me up and down, my dripping clothes wetting the floor.

"Are you sure you've not already had one?" He chuckles, opening the door wider. 
I make my way to the bathroom and lock the door. I peel my wet clothes off my body and step under the hot jets. I let them warm up my body and use Liam's body gel to wash off the dirty rainwater. When I'm done I wrap my body in a towel and leave my hair to air dry.

I gather my wet clothes, thank Liam and make my way back to Harry's room. He's sat on the couch wearing nothing but a pair of joggers. His wet hair dripping onto his bare chest. I go to his room, change into a pair of long pyjamas and t-shirt but I still feel cold. I grab one of Harry's hoodies and slip it on too. I pull the hood up and make my way back to the living room. I sit next to Harry and snuggle into him.

"You're freezing," he says, wrapping his arms around me.

"I think I've caught a cold," I sigh. He pulls me closer and my head rests on his chest. I can hear his heart beating and feel his chest moving with his breaths. Eventually my eyes droop and I feel myself falling asleep.   

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