That One Night Sequel

A sequel to That One Night.
The return of someone makes things for Harry and Sarah's relationship not what they seem...
Hope you like it!


27. Chapter 26


I walked back into my room to see Lara sat on the couch, her back facing me.

"Yeah that one, they've just left, bye," she whispers down the phone. I creep up behind her and place my arms around her waist.

"Who you talking to?" I ask.

"Jesus Zayn! Don't creep up on me!" She yells annoyed.

"Errr sorry," I reply standing in front of her. "Come on, get ready. I'm taking you out on a date," I tell her.

She looks down and says "what's wrong with what I'm wearing?" She was wearing an expensive looking dress, cashmere cardigan and louboutins on her feet.

"You might want something you can move about in," I tell her. She huffs but goes into the bedroom, flinging her clothes about.  


"You've brought me to a roller rink?" I ask him. He just at me grinning thinking he's done well. But I hate skating. He buys us our skates and I put my pair on. I'd reluctantly changed into a pair of denim shorts with a big jumper tucked in. I'd left my blonde hair pin straight and applied little makeup. I didn't really need to make the effort around Zayn, I wasn't trying to impress him or get him to like me. I just needed him to get to Harry. I didn't feel bad for him either. We were both getting what we wanted. And who even brings a girl skating for a date?
"Come on," Zayn says grabbing my hand. I can feel the warmth travelling up my arm. Stop it Lara, I think to myself. 
I carefully grabbed onto the side of the rink, refusing to let go. My feet kept rolling around underneath me, as I threaten to fall numerous times. Zayn didn't let go of my hand and it was obvious he'd done this before.

"Come on babe, try and let go. I've got you," he smiles. I sigh and reluctantly let go of the side. I edge my way towards him and he grabs my other hand. He starts rolling backwards so that he's standing in front of me. I stare at my feet the whole time. "That's it, now I'll let go of one hand," he says. I start to go a little bit faster, getting more confident at it. This is quite fun, I thought. We were skating around, hand in hand, weaving in and out of other people.

"Hey I'm not too bad at ...." I start but I lose my balance. I start to fall forward but Zayn lets go of my hand and grabs my waist, trying to keep me balanced. I lean into him but his own skates give way and we're falling onto the floor. Zayn lands on the wooden floor with a hefty thud and I land on top of him. He groans loudly.

"I'm sorry!" I yell but he's too busy laughing. His laughing becomes contagious and soon I'm wiping the tears away from my eyes. My face is inches away from his and I feel his thumb stroke my cheek. 
His head leans in closer to mine and without thinking I press my lips against his. 
Yeah we'd kissed before, but that was only in front of people and when I was acting. This kiss felt different. It felt like it was just me and I liked it. But I pulled away. I like Harry, this can't happen to me. I can't fall for Zayn. 
I pull myself back to my feet as Zayn does too.

"That was fun," I grin at him.

"We're not done yet," he smirks back.


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