That One Night Sequel

A sequel to That One Night.
The return of someone makes things for Harry and Sarah's relationship not what they seem...
Hope you like it!


19. Chapter 18


I told Anna that I was going back to my house after college to collect some of my things and my suitcase for America. No-one would be in because both my mum and sister should be out. 
I walked down my street and got to my front door. I got my key out and opened the door quietly. I ran up to my room and started stuffing all my belongings in a bag. Luckily I'd already packed my suitcase for New York so I just had to bring it with me. I brought my laptop, phone charger and anything else I needed with me. 
I stuffed all my savings into my little purse and gathered as many clothes as I could. I was just about done when I heard a noise at my door. Standing in my doorway was Abi, her face withdrawn. She looked shocked to see me.

"What are you doing here?" I ask her walking towards her. I could see her bottom lip trembling.

"Mums out with Dan," she cries. I grab her and pull her towards me.

"I'm sorry, but I have to go Abi," I mumble into her hair. She pulls away and nods.

"I know, but don't forget about me, come back for me won't you?" She asks me innocently. It brings tears to my eyes.

"Of course," I grin, stroking her hair from her face. I run to my drawer and grab one of my old phones. "Take this and hide it. My number is in there and if you need me, ring it and I'll come to you. I love you," you tell her giving her the phone.

"I love you more," she grins at me. 
I grab all my bags and drag them all outside. I give Abi one last hug and tell her I'll be back soon. Then I lock the door again and make my way back down my street to Anna's.


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