That One Night Sequel

A sequel to That One Night.
The return of someone makes things for Harry and Sarah's relationship not what they seem...
Hope you like it!


15. Chapter 14


A week has passed since Harry had gone to America. I missed him more and more everyday. His voice, his curls and his warm touch. We still talked every single day but it wasn't the same as having him in person next to me. And our conversations always got cut short. There was always something that he had to go and do, and who else to always come and get him than Lara. I see more of her than I do of any of the boys, and I'd quite like to change that. It was only another week until my week off, when I could go and finally see him. 
The only problem was that my mum was NOT happy that I was pretty much travelling to America on my own. But there was nothing she could do to stop me. Their plane was already arranged and I had already started packing. College seems to be dragging along too. The only good part is talking to Anna, seen as though I've been being ignored by Layla. Every time I try and make plans with her she always says she's busy, or hasn't got any time or money to see me. It feels like she's been ignoring me, ever since I started speaking to Anna. I needed to find out why. 
I got home for college that day to my mum walking out of the bathroom, having just been in the shower.

"Get ready Sarah, we're going to celebrate!" She yells excitedly.

"What for?" I grin.

"I got a promotion!" She says, happily jumping around like a five year old.

"Congratulations!" I shout, hugging her damp body.

"Oh and Dan is coming," she grins, turning on her heel and flouncing into her bedroom. My smile immediately fades. 
Dan was my mum’s new boyfriend. He was the first she'd had since my dad died when I was ten. We never talk about him and we haven't really spoken about Dan either. But one thing's for sure. I hate him with a passion. Whenever he's around me, he always calling me and Abi horrible names and my mum just laughs along as if he was joking. But the gleam in his eyes tell us differently. 
I stormed back into my room and slammed the door shut. I just changed my t-shirt, happy with the jeans I already had on. I threw some old converse on and a hoodie, I didn't have to dress up for anyone, especially not Dan. 
He came and picked us up in his scrappy car, I sat in the back holding onto Abi's hand the whole way there. 
Once we were seated in the restaurant I waited for him to start the abuse. 

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