Merlin, Arthur & Gwaine - Together Again.

Merlin, Arthur & Gwaine...
Together as one.


1. Meeting.

Arthur riding a horse through the forest with his Man Servant on another horse behind him. 

"So, where we going?" Merlin asked.

"Secret." Arthur replied, beginning to ride slightly faster. Arthur didn't know exactly where he was going himself. Just the way there.

"You don't know do you?" Merlin called over to him trying to keep up.

"Of course I do, I'm just not telling you." Merlin frowned slightly looking around and to his dismay he saw Gwaine running towards them with some drunk men running behind them. Merlin quickly looked at Arthur, he wasn't paying attention, just riding ahead towards wherever they were going. Merlin looked towards the men and used him magic to stop them in their tracks. He smiled slightly as they all fell to the floor and became unconscious. Gwaine noticed Merlin and Arthur riding their horses and went over to them.

"Merlin. Good to see you." Arthur turned quickly on his horse almost falling of it.

"Gwaine. What are you doing here? Did Merlin invite you? Merlin, I told you no one must know about this."

"No Merlin didn't do anything. I was just- Well. I just saw you and thought I'd come over. "

"You can join us if you want." Merlin blurted out. Gwaine was a good friend of Merlin's and it would make the trip much better if Gwaine came too.

"Merlin!" Arthur shouted annoyed.

"I've got stuff to do. Places to be. Sorry Merlin." Gwaine said calmly. 

"I'm not going to take no for an answer. Come on. Get on the back of my horse."

"Merlin!" Arthur shouted again.

"Come on Arthur, Gwaine's a much better fighter than you. He could be help."

"MERLIN!!!"  Arthur shouted for a third time, clearly not impressed but Gwaine just smiled. And it was in that moment that the drunk men woke back up again. "Fine. But you're seriously not a better fighter than me."

"Yeah. Whatever." Gwaine climbed on the back of Merlin's horse. And they set off on their journey once again.


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