Over You


7. Over you chapter 7

Liam's pov-

"I've just been a little busy, is all." I say as i take Alice's hand in mine.

"Really? With what?"

"Oh you know, just stuff"

"So you couldn't return any of my calls or texts? You were never home before i went to bed Liam." She pulled her hand from mine and shoved it into her pocket to keep it warm.

"My phone wasn't working. And like i said, I've been busy. I'm sorry babe."

"That's funny. Because you always answered Harry's texts." She got out her phone and sent me a text. Then she reached into my pocket and replied. Her phone beeped right away. She gave me my phone, and walked away.

I didn't stop her.

Niall's pov-

"You're too sweet, Niall." Emily said as she looked down at her feet, trying to hide her red cheeks. I brought my hand up to her face and guided it upwards.

"No one can ever be too sweet to you." I leaned in and placed a gentle kiss on her lips.

Emily has been a friend of mine since childhood, but only know we've started actually hanging out one-on-one. Three weeks ago i asked her out, and she said yes. We kissed, and made it official the next date. She's short and plump, and her hair is always in a messy bun. Her natural hair color is blond, but she dyed it dark brown with blue ends a few months ago. She has hazel eyes that glow whenever the sun shines on them. She's perfect. She's not afraid to be weird around me, or eat. I like a girl with a good appetite.

"Hows your friend? Jess?" She asked.

"Oh well, she'll be okay." She held my hands and kissed me on the cheek.

"I gotta go Nialler. Mom said i had to be back by 7."

"Bye babe." She was about to walk away, but i pulled her close and gave her a passionate kiss that lasted a while. She smiled at the ground, squeezed my hand, and walked away.

Ring, Ring, Ring

"Ali?" Caller I.D came in handy at times.

"Hey, are you done with Emily yet?"

"Yep, she just left actually." i walked over to the park bench and took a seat.

"Where are you?"

"Central Park, why?"

"I'll be there in 5 minutes." And then she hung up.

I decided to play Temple Run while i waited for her to come.

"Niall?" I heard my name being called out, and i recognized the voice right away.

"Over here Ali" I replied. I saw her walk over wearing her grey sweatpants, Pink hoodie, pink uggs, and a black beanie.

"Hey." She said as she sat next to me on the bench.

"Whats going on?"

"Something is happening with Liam. And it's not just the whole Jess thing. HE lied to me about he's phone not working, and he's never been home before I've gone to sleep for about 2 weeks. Has he told you anything?" She looked stressed out.

"He's probably just sad..I mean, his best friend is in hospital, and she doesn't seem to be getting any better. But no, he hasn't said anything to me. We haven't really talked much lately. He never seems to be around anymore." I stood out and held my hand out for her. She accepted and pulled herself up to her feet.

"Alright...I'm just worried."

"I know, but you have nothing to be worried about Princess."

She smiled and put her hands in her pockets as i heard her teeth clattering.

"Care for some Hot Chocolate from Starbucks?" I asked.

"Hell yeah."

Jess's pov-

I snuggled into Lou as he caressed my back in small circles.

"You get to come home tomorrow, love." He whispers into my hair.

"I cant wait. This hospital food is crap" Lou chuckled, which sent chills running up my spine.

"I can't either. Have you heard from Liam?"

"Not really. He stopped by a few times, but you and Zayn come the most. I just wish Alice could come so we can sort things out. I feel terrible about what happened."

"Well tomorrow you and her will have the whole day to sort things out" I looked over at Lou and smiled.

"I love you Louis."

"I love you too Jessica." He kissed me and then we snuggled as Pitch Perfect began playing on T.V.


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