Over You


6. Over you chapter 6

Louis's pov-

"So Jess's accident is basically your fault, am i right?" I regret what i said as soon as i said it. Alice told me that her and Jess had an argument, and Jess ran out which caused her to fall down the stairs.

 "Um, no that's not really what I'm saying, but uh if that makes you happy then yeah sure Lou." Alice looked so tired. She had purple nags under her eyes, her mascara had ran from crying, her clothes were wrinkly from, and she looked like shed lost about 10 pounds. She began to walk away from me, but i gently pulled her back.

"I'm sorry Alice, I'm just worried about her. I know it wasn't your fault." She smiled and hugged me, but it wasn't her usual hug, it was a weak and distant hug.

"Hey, are you alright? You look tired, and you've definitely lost too much weight in the past month."

"Yeah, yeah Lou I'm alright." She smiled, and i let her go. Although i don't no why i did, i knew she wasn't alright.

Suddenly i hear a soft voice behind me, and i rushed over to Jess's bed in her Hospital room.

"She's doing that thing again...that thing where she doesn't eat when she's done something bad." Jess gripped my hand, and then drifted back to sleep.

Harry's pov-

"Alice?" I nudged her with my elbow as i met her in the hallway. She looked like she was looking straight threw me, like i was there, but she wasn't looking at me, rather my soul.

"Yeah?" She came out of her daydream and greeted me with a welcoming smile that just made me want here more.

Stop harry. You know you cant want her like that.

"How are you?" i asked.



"Yeah." She looked at the floor.

"It wasn't your fault you know."

"Yeah." She looked up at me and smiled.


"Yeah." A soft sound, like a giggle escaped her lips.

"Yeah. That can be our thing okay?"

"Yeah okay." This time a real giggle.

"You're so beautiful Alice."


"I know, I'm sorry." i said.

"Its okay."

"Want some food?"

"Yeah." An actual laugh.

Alice's pov-

I feel so bad about what happened to Jess, i know it was my fault for rounding her up, but i couldn't help it. Liam seemed like he was mad at me, Niall has been out a lot with this new girl he's been seeing, Zayn won't even look at me, Louis thinks it's my fault, and Harry...I cant even look at him without wanting to cry.

ring, ring, ring

"Hello?" I answered.

"Alice it's Niall."

"I know...Caller I.D. Hey Nialler, whats up?"

"You at home?"

"Nope, I'm out with Harry for lunch."

"Can you ditch?"

"Uh, why?"

"I want some pancakes, and yours are the best."

"I love you Niall. Be there in a few. I'll tell Harry you're on fire or something."

"I love you more Princess. See ya."

I told Harry it was an emergency -Because it so was- with Niall.

"Rain-check?" I asked.

"Of course!" We hugged, and i headed off for Niall.

Niall's pov-

"Alice!" I ran over to her and tackled her to the ground.

"Good to see you too Malik." She directed that to Zayn, and he just smiled and joined the hug

"Sorry...I've kinda been avoiding you. I know its stupid because it wasn't your fault. We cool?" He asked.

"We always cool." She answered as she squirmed out of our embrace.

"I feel the love man. okay now who wants pancakes?" I asked as i pulled her into the kitchen.

"Patience young one. Pancakes are only the best when spent the best amount of time making them."

"That was deep, Princess"

"I try."

Lets just say the batter didn't really end up being cooked, but rather on our clothes and the floor.



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