Over You


5. Over you chapter 5

Harry's pov-

"Fries or a Cheese-Burger?" Niall asked as we went through the drive-through of McDonalds.


"Alright, One Cheese-Burger, 2 cokes, One Big Mac, and 2 medium fries, please." Niall told the lady what we wanted while i gathered the money.

Ring, Ring, Ring

"Hello?" I answered.

"Harry, you and Niall have to come home...Something has happened to Jess"

"We'll be right there. Bye Alice." I hung up and told Niall to forget about the food, we needed to get back.

Alice's pov-

"Jess! Just stop. Everything's gonna be okay." We were both sitting on my bed watching DWTS.

Jess laughed and said that everything was always easy for me, i had no problems in my life, and that i always got what i wanted.

"Are you blind? Did you somehow forget how the guy i loved cheated on me? Did you forget how i was kidnapped? Did you forget everything that happened to me?"

"Whatever Alice. I cant do this now."

"No. What you said just then wasn't true. My life isn't perfect, and i don't get everything i want."

"Shut up Alice! Just drop it." She got up, walked out, and slammed the door."

I had tears forming in my eyes, but i quickly brushed them away. The next thing i heard was yelling, a scream, and a big thud. I ran downstairs and saw Jess laying on the floor.

"What happened!?" I asked.

"She fell down the stairs! Call the ambulance!" Zayn called the Ambulance while i called Niall and Harry telling them to come home immediately.


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